A designer wall light as a work of art

A designer wall light is more than a light source. It is a work of art that creates a space as well as a picture. A designer wall light structures the wall in two ways: through the lamp body and through the light that emits it. Ideally, a designer wall sconce gives a room both a turned-on and off-mode a special flair and a touch of exclusivity.

Wall lights often underestimated

In many apartments and houses, the lighting with wall lights is forcibly reduced to a minimum or not possible because no cables were laid for wall lights. While connections for the ceiling lighting are a matter of course, lighting with wall lights of any kind, even designer wall lights, ekes out a gray existence. Wall luminaires are not absolutely necessary in order to achieve sufficient general lighting and are therefore often ignored when selecting luminaires. Here are straight designer wall lights, which are often very noticeable and it should be, on the wall at eye level much better than z. B. designer ceiling lights that hang high above our heads.

Designer wall lights instead of art objects on the wall

Since wall lights are the masters of atmospheric accent lighting, some wall lamp types, such. As spotlights or spots, used for the illumination and accentuation of works of art. In contrast to a rather inconspicuous wall sconce, which takes care of itself with this task, it is the case with a designer wall sconce that it is the work of art itself and requires no further emphasis. A designer wall light can highlight and enhance the personality of a house and its inhabitants to a special degree.

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