Antique and classic table lamps – set timeless accents

Table lamps, antique or classic, are true all-rounders. They are versatile – on the desk, the bedside table, the sideboard or the side table – and are the crowning glory of any interior. Table lamps save space and fit in every little room. It is thus possible, even in a small space, to set individual accents and to express one’s own personality. Just such small and at first glance insignificant details such as table lamps can change the character of the room enormously and increase the feel-good factor.

The classic table lamp

Classic table lamps are in the truest sense of the word timeless lamps, which are perceived by their style regardless of changing fashion trends at all times as beautiful. Clear lines, simplicity and elegance characterize the classic table lamp. Depending on the material from which it is made, the variations of the classic table lamp range from very exclusive to simple but functional.

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