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Pendant lights antique:

Dark colors and heavy pomp? At the same time one thinks at antique style not in a long time. At least not one modern understanding this furnishing style. Because with this blurred style boundaries more and more. This is clearly visible z. B. also in the country house style, in which it different gradations gives. Some of them are very modern. The Skandi style z. B. is in fact such a modern country style. A modern antique style shows up accordingly from one lighter Page and is still at the core “antique“.

What is behind this term and how brand new pendant lights can look antique, we reveal in this guide.

What sets the antique style apart?

The antique style is about the opposite of the minimalist style. Not that minimalism could not impress with its tidiness and straightforwardness! But the antique style is a bit more attention to attract attention – to one opulent Wise.

In this style we find picture frames filigree ornaments or upholstered furniture velvet or leather, And who sets up antique, also has a soft spot for real Craftsmanship, The comments on dresser, cabinet, table & Co. in carved details in most cases dark wood furniture made of walnut, cherry or mahogany. And with the hanging lamps in antique style? By antique style elements,

What does “antiquated” mean?

Interesting term, not true: antiquated! But true. Much more true than “antique pendant light”. Because antique pendant lamps are not really antique – but just look like this!

To make it clear, would you ever think of hanging a hundred-year-old antique hanging lamp into the living room? Well, maybe, if it’s a former gem from a royal house you bought. In general, someone who buys a new suspension lamp, but also wants new, high-quality goods receive.

To the same extent, however, a cabinet or even the dining table is quite a question of a genuine antique. As you can see, there is one between genuinely antique and antiquated difference, But Both find space in antique style!

How do hanging lamps in the antique style?

Some Trademark You’ll encounter it again and again in your search for the perfect antique style light source: polished copper– and BrassElements and not infrequently too Gold leaf trim, Curved shapes will delight your eyes and as brilliant Objects, the pendant lights will enrich your space. Little tip from us: crystal works in combination with light simply magical. The light breaks and refines the entire room!

And a second tip: In order to prevent the feeling “that’s too much of a good thing”, it’s best to acquire the modern understanding of the antique look yourself. That means that many too lighter shades and quieter areas be used. For wall paints and wall design, for example. This prevents an overly elderly, heavy mood ideally!

Which bulb complements the antique look of a pendant light?

The “oldest” bulb is the bulb – is clear. But unfortunately the technology behind it is really antique in the truest sense of the word. Modern living in antique style – that’s what you want today. Means: one LED must be purely in the pendant lamp in antique style. And to make sure it does not look like a foreign object, you are deliberately looking only at a single type of LED lamp: the filament lamp. It looks like an incandescent lamp, but brings all the benefits of the LED. These are:

    • a high energy savings
    • a high lifespan
    • best light to illuminate the antique style
    • height switching durability
    • immediately 100% brightness
    • and a opticsthat just looks antique (without really being it!)

Are there any height-adjustable hanging lamps?

Of course, height-adjustable pendant lights are available. But that alone is not enough in the antique style! Because the device, which is responsible for the height adjustment, must also match the style.

In the antique style even the drawbar is part of the antique design. But it is still as comfortable as a “modern” (ie simpler) device: at any time Change light like that that it fits the situation. For example at the table in which one not only eats in the antique style, but also fulfills other everyday activities.

How high are hanging lamps above the table?

(At least) one thing the antiquated style then has in common with all other styles: In each is the Dining table a central living areawhere you just do not just eat, but also entertain, read and even sometimes work. Ideal for the dining table are actually height-adjustable pendant lights. But the most beautiful designs sometimes do not have a required device.

How are hanging lamps connected?

How the specific pendant lamp is mounted exactly differs from model to model. For this reason, each product is a detailed assembly Instructions at. You should, however, one Electrician give as assistance and do not make the attachment yourself.

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