Affordable Nursery Ideas

Affordable Nursery Ideas

Nursery: baby furniture

In a well-equipped complete baby room, you should have all the furniture you need, such as:

  • a baby cot
  • a changing table (with changing mat)
  • a wardrobe and
  • a baby shelf

A desk is not needed at the beginning and can therefore only be bought later. When baby bed should be taken to ensure that it can later be converted to a junior bed. As a result, parents do not have to buy a new model so quickly when the offspring have grown a bit. In a baby furniture set should also be some cabinets and shelves to store all toys, books, stuffed animals and diapers.

What should I look for when buying baby furniture?

To keep the baby furniture as long as possible, they should consist of high quality and robust materials. Wood creates a very natural picture in every room and, in most cases, lasts for a comparatively long time. However, parents should check for splinters before buying. Good quality baby furniture will be examined in advance by Stiftung Warentest. Therefore, parents can use the reports to find safe products.

Which materials are suitable for baby furniture?

Most pieces of furniture for babies are made of wood, metal or plastic. Every material has some advantages. Most often, different types of wood are processed, such as:

  • pressboard
  • Plywood or
  • solid wood

The latter is comparatively expensive, but it also lasts longer than the other two types of wood. How high the individual furniture is, is especially visible during construction or when moving. While very massive baby furniture can easily survive several moves without damage, a very inexpensive piece of furniture made of compressed wood can lose a lot of stability after a move. The biggest weakness here is in most cases the gland. At very low-cost baby changing sets, baby beds and baby cradles as well as running and protective grids, the wood runs out very quickly. This gives the screws barely any support and is therefore no longer safe.

If the parents know that they will be moving in the near future, they should definitely resort to a massive baby furniture complete set. However, if this is not planned in the near future, and the cabinets, dressers, and bed are likely to stay in place, it may not be necessary to buy the most expensive models.