Baby girl room design ideas – create a cozy atmosphere

The baby room is much more than just a room that needs to be set up. It is the loving room that invites the newborn and shows the world. It is this place where the new parents and the baby experience their first cuddly moments and get to know their new life together. Therefore, the baby room should be set up with a lot of care and anticipation. But what is really necessary and what is no longer considered an ornament in the first weeks? Which decoration is suitable for a boy and what is important for a baby girl to have? We answer all these questions in this article and will inspire you with many cuddly furnishing ideas! Expect a girl, this is the right article for you!

Baby room girl: Still living as a baby like a princess in fairy tales

Setting up a baby girl room is a big responsibility because the baby needs to grow up in a safe environment, and at the same time feel comfortable as a princess in a fairy tale. Many parents decide to let themselves be surprised whether the newborn becomes a girl or a boy. In this case, do not think about a girl’s nursery in typical pink, but choose neutral colors, such as beige, white, gray, yellow or green. Many ideas for neutral colors that bring good mood can be found in our picture gallery. When the decision is made for the color, the furniture selection follows. The key components of the newborn’s room, whether it’s for baby girls or boys, are a cot or bassinet, a changing table, a mobile or a lantern. Storage space is also of great importance, as in the first few months the baby needs a lot of space for changing clothes and cosmetics and gets many clothes for free.

The fabulous wall design in baby room creates a cozy atmosphere

The babies are not mobile in the first months and only recognize the wall design, furniture and decoration in the baby room. This is their world and they are already learning a lot about the environment from the walls or from what’s near the cot and changing table. For this reason, the colors and patterns play a huge role. Playful motifs can not only be picked up by the decoration, but are also suitable for furniture such as changing table or wardrobe. Nature motifs such as flowers or trees, playful animal photos, fairytale clouds or little butterflies – these are the first things your baby will see. The imagination knows no bounds!

Baby room girl in boho style and based pastel colors

Does this baby room look like a magazine? Yes, it is breathtaking! But if we want to take a deep look at the picture, you will see that you can enjoy it at home without much effort and not necessarily with expensive items. You will soon find out what you need.

Baby room design in boho style: Here’s how:

An illuminated, white teepee tent with a cuddly interior looks very romantic and can be a great idea in the baby girl room. Cuddly pillows in pink are an absolute must for every little princess! Often, little girls are very active and have a lot of imagination, so a baby room should leave girls enough space and not be overcrowded. The children love to have their own place for games where nobody can see and disturb them. There is no better place than this boho teepee tent with soft pillows! To make the tent look beautiful, it is decorated with artificial flowers in pastel colors, just like on the wall!

Every girl loves flowers! The babies too!

Perhaps the most important decoration in the baby room is this, which hangs over the cot or on the changing table. The reason – that’s the first one that sees the little baby. In our example, the girls’ favorite thing is chosen – flowers that are made as a garland. The flowers calm and create a happy mood at the same time. A mirror must not be missing.

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