Bathroom Ceiling Lights  Ideas You’ll Love

Bath Ceiling Lights: How to lay a good foundation for your bathroom lighting

Ceiling lights donate brightness. In every room. That’s why one belongs good ceiling light also for Basic inventory of the bath. That’s it? No. Because in addition to the bathroom ceiling light, there is also a good lighting concept in the bathroom other light sources. Especially the bathroom and mirror lighting is essential for hairstyling, makeup, shaving and contact lens insertion.

Which types of protection are required for bathroom ceiling lights?

Good that you leave the installation of the bathroom ceiling light (and other bathroom lights) to the electrician. Because he knows that Safety regulations of DIN VDE 0100 Part 701 preferably. What is there? Everything that serves your safety in the wet room.

That will be for that Bathroom divided into protection areas. In the bathtub, you are in zone 0. This is followed by zone 1, where it is quite wet during splashing and showering. This is followed by Zones 2 and 3. The latter is indeed a bit away from the source of moisture, the lights are there but still. By haze, for example.

Each zone requires a special IP degree of protection from the lights. But not only that is important. Also, the operating voltage plays a crucial role in the question: allowed or not?

  • Protection range 0: Only luminaires with a protective extra-low voltage of up to 12 volts and with at least degree of protection IPX7 may be used in the shower and bath.
  • Protection area 1: Within the vertical limit up to 2.25 m of bathtub or shower only luminaires with safety extra-low voltage up to 12 volts are permitted, which are jet-proof, d. H. at least IPX5.
  • Protection zone 2: 60 cm adjacent to protection zone 1, only luminaires with IPX4 or higher may be used.

In addition:

  • Transformers are not used in protection areas 0 and 1
  • Sockets and switches should not be placed in the protection zones 0, 1 and 2

Are there dimmable bathroom ceiling lights?

Of course you should also be able to enjoy the comfort of dimmable light in the bathroom! But probably make the many safety regulations in the bathroom complicate the matter.

This is either permanently installed with the light or you screwed an EasyDim light bulb in his existing bathroom ceiling light. Finished.

From now on you can Dimming via the normal light switch start by double-clicking. And so stop again. Exactly when the perfect light is found for the relaxation bath. Get into the bath and relax in dimmed light – breeze!

By the way: EasyDim is one LED lighting technology. With it you use all advantages this lighting technology:

  • Long lifetime – Lamp change? Will not know you soon.
  • Immediately 100% brightness – who wants to seriously wait for the light in the morning in the hustle and bustle of the bathroom?
  • save energy – and money right away! Without giving up the best light.
  • On the contrary: Dreamlike light quality – in terms of light color color rendering and homogeneous light.
  • Jerk, tweaked – You have a ceiling light with socket? Screw in an LED lamp.

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