Beautiful memories in focus – Picture lights make it possible

The day with the family by the sea with picnic in the beach chair. The safari in Africa and the first giraffe you’ve ever seen in the wild. The enrollment of your child or your own wedding. All these are moments that one would like to capture forever. Photography brings us a step closer to this dream. The staging of such emotionally charged snapshots on the wall emphasize picture lights gently with the appropriate light. You focus the mood on the happy moment and thus accentuate personal touches in your living space.

How are picture lights installed?

In principle, just like normal ceiling or wall lights. The first step should always be: Fuse out – For your safety! After loosening the screws on the luster terminal, connect the wires. Then attach the picture light to the wall with appropriate screws and turn the fuse back in. Play it safe, if you have the Electrician of your confidence get into the boat.

Tip: The picture light should centered with a few centimeters away to be placed above the painting or the family photo. Only in this way can you perfectly stage your piece of jewelery. For big pictures It may be necessary to install several picture lights. You should also keep in mind: If there is glass in the game, it should definitely be anti-reflective no unwanted reflexes arise when you turn on the picture light.

What lighting technology is behind it?

Picture lights work – you guessed it – in the vast majority of cases LED, Because LED offers many advantages. One plus point is particularly noticeable with LED picture lights: modern lighting technology makes it possible compact design, This way, the lights can be kept slim and take a back seat. To give his star appearance to the object they are to stage.

advantages of LED bulbs at a glance:

  • They consume 80-90% less energy as the light bulb
  • you have one 50 times longer life as the light bulb
  • you are very durable – no filament that can blow
  • You donate when you turn it on immediately 100% light
  • you carry up to 50,000 hours

In which materials are picture lights?

You would like to adjust your picture light to the painting that you want to illuminate? That makes sense, of course. Depending on the photo or style of the artwork is certainly another material suitable. Find out everything there is under the Filter “Material”. Just browse and be inspired here. From Brass and aluminum over Bamboo and glass up to Stainless steel and plastic everything is there.

In which colors are picture lights available?

Even with the color of the picture light, it is worthwhile to tailor everything to the motif. Tone on tone or bold contrast – everything is possible. Everything you can find out about Filter “color” at the shop. Here you can choose between black, white and gray or but Chrome, bronze and wood, to name just a few.

In which styles are picture lights?

You yourself step into the background. And that only to give the picture the best stage to shine. That’s why picture lights are rather simple, You can not expect unusual styles. But a few already. Just the Filter “Style” choose and decide between antique, design and modern,

With which special features are picture lights to be had?

You should be able to do more than simply to illuminate a picture? Even if their name does not promise anymore, there are models that can do more:

  • Get dimmed Just look in the product details to see if a dimming function is specified. Then cozy accent lighting is nothing in the way.
  • Work wirelessly Admittedly, they are rather rare, but they exist: picture lights with battery, Read the article description to find out more.

That should also be your picture light? Then put your desired features on the checklist. Before buying look in the product description and in the product details and strike. For beautifully staged snapshots and works of art.

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