Ceiling lights design : Pictures, Ideas

Ceiling lights design : Pictures, Ideas

Designer Ceiling Lights

Room lighting for connoisseurs

If you are looking specifically for a designer ceiling light, you are a connoisseur, Names like Artemide, FLOS or SLAMP are yours. Maybe you already have Your favorite brands selected and prefer the creativity of an Ingo Maurer to the highly functional elegance of a Bopp. In any case, you know one thing: that you still have your four walls with design ceiling lights set up in style can.

What does a modern designer ceiling light look like?

You expect a designer ceiling light extraordinary design? Then you will definitely find what you are looking for. But design has always meant more than “striking”. Already a century ago, the masters of the Bauhaus School, such as B. Professor Wilhelm Wagenfeld understood: simple, purpose-based design is not only Timelessbut just as well stylish! “, Affirms Carsten Hotzan, CEO of Tecnolumen.

Also a lot of redesigned, modern design ceiling lights are therefore actually simply designed. LED lighting technology has made its contribution. Because these compact lighting technology allows, for example, slim, rod-shaped designs. These correspond by their straightforwardness and Focus on the purpose quite clearly the Bauhaus idea. In addition, high brightness from an unrecognizable light source is easy futuristic,

In addition, these designs are especially in demand in the modern living room:

Gold-colored design ceiling lights create striking contrasts in bright interiors. Especially IN today Thrash metal surfaces: The surface is not smooth, but has an individual structure (as worked with a hammer) on. Golden lights excite in every living room – but imagine, you would welcome your guests in the hallway with such a lamp!

Wooden light racks are the first choice when it comes to a cozy decor goes. You will find them in Scandi style as well as in modern, tidy minimalism. Wood has something graceful, warm and gentle about it, what that Feel-good atmosphere significantly increased in the living room.

Glass lampshades do not have to be dull and hemispherical. Glass in modern looks like this: thin, high-quality glass panes hide enormously bright LEDs behind. The design is cleaned up, works lightbut never fragile. In the kitchen, for example, such a minimalist design underlines one ultra-modern facility with high-gloss stainless steel fronts, networked kitchen appliances and ergonomic systems.

Which design ceiling light fits in which room?

Where Do you want to impress your guests and feel like an absolute connoisseur of lighting?

The living room is perfect for a designer ceiling light, because Here you stay the most (and also your guests). In addition, the ceiling light is anyway the First choice for generating the necessary general lighting, Do you use only a few light sources in the room? And the ceiling light should be the main brightness dispenser? Then make sure that the light is not only decorative, but also makes a lot of light. Also, a squiggle design that partially obscures the bulbs can reduce the brightness. But you do not have to worry about the same with all good design ceiling lights! Because being a light designer also means fulfilling the lighting needs of the customer. Fontana Arte designer Francesco Librizzi aptly states.

In the bedroom Stylish designer ceiling lights come into their own. In the form of a gold-colored textile ceiling light, for example. Textile ceiling lights inspire not only by a homely appearance, but also by a pleasantly soft light. Because the fabric screen acts like a diffuser, the light equal to a trace comfortable can be. Playful models like the Veli by Slamp or the slim LED models by Escale are also popular. The important thing is that in this room everything on comfort is trimmed. For one, this is wood, textile for the other a chrome ceiling light. What does comfort mean for you?

In the office on the other hand divorce playful models from the outset, Comfortable light, such as textile ceiling lights, increases the willingness to close your eyes instead of leaving them open and still fighting through the paper mountain. Simple Bauhaus lamps or reduced LED ceiling lights provide stylish lighting in an office where the design aspect is not neglected. By the way: while living in the living room with warm white light best, in the office universal white light for factual efficiency. Take care when buying LED bulbs (for design ceiling lights with socket) or designer lights with built-in LED lighting technology.

Which brands make design ceiling lights?

Most world-famous design brands also produce excellent ceiling lights. Nevertheless, less design ceiling lamps appear as z. B. designer pendant lights or designer table lamps. Why is that? This is because ceiling lights are often out of sight due to their high mounting. A pendant lamp that protrudes into the room, or a table lamp that stands on the side table, is much more likely to be seen. And most designers want their creations to be seen!

Design ceiling lights, which the designer wants them to be seen, are therefore inherently more expansive. Classic Bauhaus luminaires, on the other hand, subtly recede – light is what counts.

So differently are designer ceiling lights:

  • Designer ceiling lights by Slamp are creatively and playfully shaped.
  • Artemide relies on high functionality for the ceiling lights as well as for other lighting categories.
  • Ceiling lights from FLOS inspire with structured light
  • Bopp packs high-quality LED technology into reduced designs.
  • Tecnolumen ceiling lights are Bauhaus products, combining functionality with a design that was as relevant a century ago as it will be in a hundred years.

Which lighting technology do designer ceiling lights use?

Many designer ceiling lights are still in the process of fitting their ceiling lights with conventional sockets. Why not? Finally, you can screw in any version of an LED lamp or -steck. However, there are some advantages for designers to rely on a built-in LED lighting technology. Because this allows completely new designs due to the compactness of the small LEDs,

In addition, LEDs are simply contemporary for modern designers. Because developing a good design does not only refer to the design of lighting products but also to the technology.

LEDs stand for:

  • high energy efficiency: good for the environment and the wallet
  • long life span: maintenance-free lighting pleasure
  • immediately 100% brightness: no long wait for the perfect light
  • excellent light quality: comfortable light and very good color rendering