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If you have your eyes closed at night, is it dark in the bedroom anyway? Right. During the day the sun shines through the window and illuminates the room? Also true. Is that why you do not need artificial lighting? Completely wrong.

Nothing works without a ceiling lamp in the bedroom. In the dark season it is still dark in the morning when getting up. To dress you need one good lighting. After all, not every bedroom is optimally facing the sun. The lighting is needed then also during the day, z. B. for bed making.

And of course, the lighting should also be Cosiness of the room underline. A big part of this is the ceiling light. Other important lights in the bedroom are bedside lamps and furniture lights for the always dark wardrobes.

Which ceiling lamp belongs in the bedroom?

As a rule, you only have one a ceiling connection in the bedroom to disposal. To make it bright enough even in large rooms, you use multi-flame ceiling lights, d. H. those with several bulbs (under one or more umbrellas).

Which material is recommended for ceiling lamps in the bedroom?

Many words have been lost on the need for brightness in the bedroom. But ceiling lights not only have to be bright, but also bright to accentuate the cozy look of the room. That’s why many come Textile lampshades or wooden shelves used in the ceiling lamps.

Both materials always look warm and comfortable. Especially with the textile umbrellas the light of the ceiling lamps is even softer. This is not a new insight, but explains why the grandparents used textile umbrellas in the bedroom. At that time many printed with floral patterns or provided the fabric screen with a hole pattern, that is Design of textile umbrellas today, however, rather simple and timelessly modern.

Which designs are particularly in demand for ceiling lamps for the bedroom?

There is a reason why some lamp classics from the Bauhaus era are still in demand after a century. Your design is simple Timeless, on basic forms reduced and with maximum practical benefit. And it is precisely this simplicity that we seek when we look for one modern decor search. We are looking for pieces of furniture and luminaires that are just as attractive one or two generations later as they are today and whose design supports a clear, tidy room structure.

To design the perfect ceiling light, many well-known designer made to the task. For example, the company Bopp from Germany. Leonhard Bopp, the managing director, names a perfect luminaire as follows:

If so practicality and timelessness You also have to go along with it for the bedroom the perfect ceiling lamp found.

Which bulb belongs in a bedroom ceiling lamp?

Definitely one LED. Because that would make only cold light (which does not belong in the bedroom now), is not true for a long time.

  • Light color: Warm white (less than 3,300 Kelvin) is recommended for living spaces of all kinds.
  • Color rendering: At least Ra 80 or higher is required to achieve z. B. garments correctly reproduced color.
  • lumen: Follow the calculation above to determine the perfect brightness for your bedroom. Why are we riding so hard? Because “Watt” no longer plays a role as a value today!
  • version: LEDs are produced today (if not permanently installed) as retrofits. This means that they are equipped with sockets that can be screwed into a normal version. Matching LED bulbs can be found in the respective bedroom ceiling light linked. You already have a ceiling lamp? Then check again which socket it has and which socket you need for your new LED lamp.
  • dimmable: If you want to dim your light and you use an LED, the article details (as opposed to the light bulb) must indicate that the bulb is dimmable. Because light bulbs were all dimmable, LEDs are not.

What are the benefits of smart home LEDs in bedroom ceiling lights?

Smart home lighting technologies make sense throughout the home. In the bedroom and especially the ceiling lamps, but you have quite a few special advantages:

Daily rhythm-controlled light: How about if you were woken up automatically in the morning with a brighter and brighter ceiling lamp? And if this light also uses a bluish light color to activate you for the day, while the light changes in the evening in a reddish warm white to relax?

Dimming and setting via smartphone: To be honest, you often have your smartphone with you on the bed. To surf a bit or write with a buddy. Why not turn the lights on and off with the mobile phone, change the color or dim, instead of trudging to the light switch, with which you can not do all this anyway?

Enjoy all the benefits of LED lighting technology:

  • Long life over 30 years (4 hours a day)
  • High switching resistance (so that you can play with light to your heart’s content)
  • Immediately 100% brightness (no waiting for the light in the once-in-the-bedroom-storm-because-cap-forgotten)
  • High savings and environmental benefits (because less watt produces more brightness)
  • And last but not least: no mercury

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