Ceiling lights for the kitchen – Best
  light for cake and stew

Ceiling lights for the kitchen – Best light for cake and stew

You are a passionate hobby chef and love to spend hours in the kitchen? Easy to try new recipes. Or is that kitchen rather a place for them, where something is quickly made warm and the sandwich is smeared? Or is the truth somewhere in between? But no matter which type you might count on, you can do it in the kitchen as well not without light. More precisely: without the backlight, Otherwise you will not see either the delicious 5-course menu or the sandwich. Let alone the ingredients for it. And which luminaire gives you the best light in the kitchen for sufficient basic lighting? Right! The ceiling light, And in the most different variants.

Which ceiling light to choose for the kitchen?

Well, that really depends on yours taste on. And maybe a bit more, what your kitchen looks like. No, we do not mean now if she’s tidied up. But rather, how nooks and crannies she is and what you want or need to have illuminated everything there. So that means: both taste and the Situation in the room Decides which form of ceiling light is actually suitable for you and your kitchen.

You are spoiled for choice. There are many different ones styles and variations of kitchen ceiling lights. And also many design hybrids.

special popularity in the kitchen, however, enjoy especially:

  • Ceiling lights with round lampshade:
    The classic under the kitchen ceiling lamps. Timelessly modern or in a certain style, they bestow the best light for one uniform general lighting.
  • Ceiling spotlights or ceiling spotlights:
    Are mostly mehrflammig, That makes them great especially for winding rooms practically, Because the individual light heads can be rotated exactly in the direction in which the light is needed. Are there in the various designs from timeless-modern to industrial or Scandinavian.
  • Flat ceiling lights or panels:
    Have been through the modern LED technology actually only possible. Especially hip, because besides the numerous advantages mostly different practical features make useful. dimming, color change or changeable light color are just a few of them.

Are there ceiling lights for the kitchen also with LED?

For sure. Because LED is not that anymore future the lighting. It is the presence, Of course, with the ceiling lights for the kitchen. You want the once again advantages of LED know? Clear! Here you are:

  • 90% power savings compared to incandescent lamps and 60% compared to halogen lamps
  • immediately 100% lightwhen you press the light switch
  • no poisonous ingredients such as. mercury
  • lifespan up to 50,000 hours – and maintenance-free!
  • compact Lighting technology – thus allows a huge variety of design of lights

And best of all, you can choose. Choose? Yes, between ceiling lights with permanently installed LED lighting technology and which with standard version and so on exchangeable bulbs, You can then easily screw in the LED lamps and all of them advantages enjoy.

Are there any modern ceiling lights for the kitchen?

Industrial, Scandinavian, classic or even modern, You are spoiled for choice – even with the ceiling lamps for your kitchen. Which is yours? Favorite decorating style? Modern maybe? Great! But at the moment it’s really total hip, trendy, popular – also with the ceiling lamps for the kitchen. The modern LED technology Not only does it make it super easy to save money or use cool features like EasyDim or color changes. Even the modern, strikingly stylish designs without frills and flourishes or even totally unusual models become possible. So choose your kitchen ceiling light for the modern design that suits you and your kitchen.

Are ceiling lights dimmable for the kitchen?

Yes. But not all. Here you just have to clarify a few things about your new lamp before you can enjoy this practical features can come. First of all, see what kind of ceiling light you want. Can one there the Replace bulbs? Yes? And you want LED Screw? Then you have to look that the LED bulbs are actually too dimmable are. It’s easy with product details. Is there a “yes” in the line “Dimmable”, you really only need a matching external dimmer,

Is it a ceiling light with firm built-in LED technologythat you have in mind? Then you have to just look there, if “Dimmable” is a “yes”. There is indeed a yes? Then only the right one is missing external dimmer, Even more practical? Then just look at the product details of the lamp, that not only “Dimmable – Yes” is, but in the line “Dimmer” also a “Contain”. Already you can connect and dimming them.

Our tip: Super, super practical? Without worrying about the right dimmer? Of course, goes, too. Simply put on LED ceiling lights that the EasyDim function to have a remote Control or – even more practical – about your own Smartphone being controlled.

Are there flat ceiling lights for the kitchen?

Definitely! And they are just total right now hip, trendy, popular, But what made this type of light possible? You can guess three times. Of course: the modern LED lighting technology, Because firmly installed with the light, these super slim and flat lighting designs were actually only possible through the LEDs.

And what do I have of this flat light on my kitchen ceiling, ask yourself. Legitimate question. But easy to explain. Because the so-called. LED panels also save a lot on the kitchen ceiling space, Protruding into the space and taking away precious space with it? Not with these lights. Especially small rooms with low ceilings act optical thus quite a bit greater.

Besides, that is design the lights usually very modern and thus kept visually very tidy. That brings in additional structure in the room and fits great, for example in the minimalist furnishing style, Another advantage? Of course! The fixed LEDs illuminate the entire surface of the lampshade evenly, That means: there are no visible points of light and no possible “dark areas”.