Ceiling lights made of glass – most beautiful light in iridescent robe

The backlight: essential in every room. Be it living room, bedroom, dining room or children’s room, bathroom, kitchen or a completely different room of our four walls. And how do you best and best get the best general lighting in your living room? Of course, with ceiling lights! They exist in modern, Scandinavian, Vintage, Industrial and many other styles. With Textile, Wood, metal or for example also … with Glass, One of the favorite and most frequently used materials of lighting designers in general. And rightly so!

Times sparkling and sensational, sometimes modern and futuristic, simple, discreet and Timeless, Time with firm built-in LED technology, sometimes with exchangeable bulbs. For the Dining and living room as well as for the bathroom – and of course many other rooms of our four walls. Glass ceiling lights have many facets and give you the most different ways to get the most beautiful light in iridescent robe in your four walls. See for yourself!

How to mount a glass ceiling light?

It is best, of course, if you do not have to ask yourself this question. Because you simply leave the installation to the assembly Electrician of your confidence – he knows his way around. And you not only save a lot of time and work, but may also be a lot of nerves. Oh, I can easily manage that alone, do you think? Maybe you already have some practice? Alright! Then in the first step, you simply have to first enclosed assembly instructions Take your new glass ceiling lamp to hand and read a little. Because the very accurate installation is varies from product to product – also with the ceiling lamps made of glass. And as a next step and after … you should follow exactly what the instructions describe. All steps followed? Then that should be lighting experience nothing stands in the way of your new glass ceiling light.

Is LED really usable even with glass ceiling lights?

Of course, and how it is. And that’s just as well. Because of the lighting technology, LED is simply the right one at the moment best choiceyou can ever meet. The advantages? Simply unbeatable! Because LEDs ….

  • keep forever – with one lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. That’s 50 times as long as a lightbulb!
  • consume 90% less electricity as light bulbs and 60% less than halogen lamps. Your wallet and our environment will thank you!
  • are immediately to 100% brightas soon as you press the switch.
  • are absolutely free of mercury, The energy-saving lamp looks quite different again.
  • Of course, there is no problem in every imaginable way light colors, About the prejudice, LEDs would give only cold, uncomfortably blue light, modern LED bulbs can smile only tired.
  • make the most slender and futuristic lighting design possible
  • leave your four walls in smart light shine

And if you have no desire to change the bulbs in your new glass ceiling lights – then you just put on the same permanently installed LED technology, Also very easy possible! You have the choice – of course with your new glass ceiling lamp.

What are the styles of glass ceiling lights and are there different types of glass?

Glass is glass. And glass lamp is glass lamp. Could you think. But not at all, believe us. Sure, a glass lamp is made of glass. Either in whole or in part. And this glass gives the light your character. Your very own, distinctive and special character, But he can do that differently fail, as you can imagine. Because both in the Type of glass as with the design the light is the imagination no limits. example anyone? Of course,…

  • the discreetly simple ceiling lights with a semi-bowl-arched, satined Opal glass screen, which are perfectly balanced by the warm, diffused light Living room or bedroom do
  • the beautiful glass ceiling lamps with one or more glass beads
  • the futuristic-modern ceiling lamps with elongated, slightly curved or even running glass screen and firmly built, modern LED technology
  • the elegant glass ceiling lamps with frosted or clear glass shade in square shape – in a modern, antique or art nouveau design
  • the timeless, modern, round ceiling lamps made of glass, thanks to their special design and the appropriate protection for most beautiful light in the bathroom to care
  • the sensational ceiling lights with sparkling crystal and glass balls that break the light in a variety of ways and conjure up amazing lighting effects in your four walls

Are glass ceiling lights dimmable?

Basically. But! This is from Model to model different, It always depends on which lamp has been shortlisted during your shopping trip.

Do you perhaps have a glass ceiling light …

  • With permanently installed LEDs In the shopping cart? Then it depends exactly on this particular product, whether it is dimmable. Is it or is not it? You can easily see that in the product details, In addition to the new light, you usually need the right one external dimmer, And then … yes, then you can start dimming.
  • With exchangeable bulbs In the shopping cart? Then you also need the appropriate, external dimmer, Done? Great, then really only the missing ones suitable bulbs. Halogen or incandescent lamps? No, not really an option! This will also confirm your wallet and our environment. Even if you have to admit that with the incandescent and halogen lamps all lamps were dimmable. Nevertheless: LED is and remains the only right choice! And even if not every LED is dimmable – no problem! Simply at the product details Pay attention to “dimmable – yes” and you already have the right product. Brightness up, brightness down. Brightness up, brightness down. As often as you want!
  • With Smart Home Technology In the shopping cart? Then it will soon be bright smart in your home! Adjust brightness? Clear! And just one of countless, playfully simple and absolutely cool Features and choices for your smart home. Dear classic remote Control controllable or rather over app, Radio bridge and WLAN? The choice is yours – you should just choose a system! And then you can change light colors as often as you like, create light scenarios and set timings, program presence simulations, and so on, and so on. dimming? Here is only the Beginning!

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