Ceiling lights with motion sensor

Ceiling lights with motion sensor

Ceiling lights with motion detector – switch on, off, completely automatically

Be honest: how often do you forget to turn on the light when you’re just “walking” the hall or climbing stairs at home? Because: you know everything inside out. Be honest again: how often do you turn on the light and forget to turn it off again? The light burns for hours, consumes power and no one has any of it.

In both cases come Ceiling lights with motion detector for use. they offer two advantages:

  • Automatic switch on: That means more safety and comfort!
  • Automatic switch off: That means saving more electricity and conserving the bulbs!

On Note on installation Your ceiling light with motion detector: Please always pull one for connecting your lights Electrician added. Even if you want to retrofit an existing ceiling light with an external motion detector. The electrician will find valuable tips for installation in the installation instructions.

Is it possible to retrofit ceiling lights with a motion detector?

Basically it is possible to connect an external motion detector to a ceiling light without motion detector (Click on the link to discover it in the shop).

However, you should think twice in advance if you have one external motion detector want to have (for example, to adjust this individually). Or if the effort is less, a new ceiling lamp with already integrated motion detector to buy.

Because if necessary are for an external motion detector Stemming and painting work required. In such a case, an external motion detector could be interesting, which replaces an existing switch.

How does the motion detector work in my ceiling light?

It all depends on which technology is in the motion detector of the ceiling light. Basically, one differentiates between two technologies: the infrared motion detector (IR) and the high frequency motion detector (HF).

IR sensors are used outdoors as well as indoors. They are taking thermal Imaging up and react to changes with the light on. Infrared sensors are generally somewhat “sluggish”.

RF sensors are mostly used indoors only, what they are best suited for. They are taking echo image up and capture almost every movement. In the outdoor area, however, high-frequency sensors are unusual, as even the smallest movements can trigger the light. An exception is intelligent high-frequency sensors, whose technology has been further developed so that they can distinguish human movements from insects, falling leaves and rain. These sensors are more and more used outdoors.

How to set the motion detector of the ceiling light?

Whether the motion detector is adjustable depends on the product. For some luminaires, the motion detectors are fixed in their orientation. With other ceiling lamps as well as of course with externally installed motion detectors you can move the motion detector exactly to the area to be observed align,

That’s what you do best for twoso that it can be checked whether the motion detector detects the movement correctly. If this is not the case right now, put your helper back on top. And you turn or tilt the motion detector slightly. New trial!

More settings, which can be made depending on the product, include:

  • the Period of timein which the ceiling light is lit.
  • the reach of the motion detector,
  • the sensitivity of the twilight sensor, that is, from which brightness the motion detector is activated

The latter allows an individual configuration of your ceiling light with motion detector depending on personal eyesight or individual preferences.

Are there ceiling lamps with motion sensor even with battery?

Since ceiling lights are usually operated via a power connection, battery operation is usually not provided. Neither with motion detector, nor without. Yet is there Battery operated lights with motion detector for wall or ceiling mounting. These will of course be not wired, In addition, instead of screwing them tight, you can also use a special tape stick,

However, the light output of such “supporting” lighting should not be compared to a real ceiling light. When Orientation light at night However, such battery-powered helpers are very well suited.

Please note: A battery in a ceiling light always has the “disadvantage” that you need a ladder to change the battery. In any case, buy branded batteries to counteract frequent maintenance.