Children’s room decoration: inspiring ideas

If you set up the nursery, you should not forget to make a cozy corner. This area gives the child or teenager the opportunity to relax and can be used for a variety of purposes – playing, reading books, listening to music and sometimes sleeping. In this article, we give you some modern and inspiring ideas for nursery, which may help you to design this well-being area yourself. Enjoy reading!

Children’s room design itself – helpful tips

Surely you have a favorite corner in the house or garden, where you can relax after a hard day’s work, drink wine in the evening or read an interesting book. It is also important for every child or teenager to have such a personal space, so here are some tips and great ideas on how to set up a cuddle corner nursery! Of course, you should take into account the personal preferences and wishes of the child – it is important above all that it feels comfortable, right? Two more factors are important if you want to create a cozy corner in the nursery – the age of the child and the purposes for which this wellness area is used. A cozy reading corner for teens could be a bit smaller, but when it comes to play area for one or two toddlers, you need much more freedom.

Setting up a cozy corner: comfort comes first

And how can a cozy corner be set up? For the purpose, you can use a niche or simply a free corner in the nursery, or – if you have limited space, transform a closet into a cozy corner. The variations are a lot, as you can convince yourself of our photos, so you should let your imagination run wild. The children can also help you with original ideas while planning – in fact, the little ones are often much more creative than adults. If you have already chosen the right place in the nursery, ensure maximum comfort – choose a soft underlay for the cozy corner – e. G. Carpet, a blanket or artificial fur. This is especially important with a hard sheet in the nursery – e.g. Wood parquet. To make the corner look inviting and playful, decorate it to suit the child’s taste – cuddly soft and plush cuddly toys are perfect for that purpose. This personalized area can also be enhanced with colorful wallpaper or a wall tattoo, or with curtains from the room “disconnect”, so that the child can really feel all.

Modern ideas

If you set up a cuddly corner to read or listen to music for a teenager, a comfortable bench, a modern armchair or a rocking chair can be your best bet. Not only the original decorations, but also the good lighting are important – especially if your child likes to read. In principle, however, every cozy corner should be illuminated – with some LED lights or decorative lights, it will appear much more comfortable! While the cozy corner for teenagers can look a little more modern and purist, it should be much more playful and romantic for toddlers. You can achieve this effect by make the cozy corner like a tent. You could also do the scaffolding yourself – it’s not complicated at all, and use a fabric that matches the color of the interior of the nursery. The tent can stay open, but can also be locked – making it a place where the child can stay alone for a while. The little princesses will especially enjoy a heavenly bed, which is hung on the ceiling. This can also be opened and closed and will give the cozy corner undoubtedly a fairytale look! A heavenly bed can be bought but also made yourself – in this case, it is much easier again than you may seem at first glance. For more great ideas for  nursery look at our photos!

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