Country Style Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lamps in country style:

modern living in a rustic style

What distinguishes the country house style?

The country style is with us for: coziness. straight for wardness and also slowness, Because we are looking more and more in the hectic cities where time never seems to stand still.

An all-round successful country house style includes more than a country-house ceiling lamp, for example, the right wall design, materials used in the furniture, the decoration or even the harmonious colors. Nevertheless, that is Ceiling lamp in country style a central element from that. Because without country house ceiling lights everything would be dark. They create the Basic lighting of the room,

Basically every room needs a basic lighting. But different rooms can make different demands on the light.

living room

The living room is a central living area. Instead, you chose your wooden dining table with wooden bench. Because you still settle here after work to drink a beer? Good as well! But maybe you have a cozy wingback chair in the living room, which you have provided with a country-style floor lamp to read in the books that fit into your large bookshelf. Maybe you just relax on the couch.

Whatever your personal country house style looks like: You need a ceiling lamp in the country house style to even perceive it. Choose bright Models, unless you prefer the really, really rustic charm of age-old country houses, where in the evening and at night no light was on.


The kitchen is a place of many lights on functionality are aligned. These include under-floor lights under the kitchen cabinets or z. B. pendant lights over the worktops, of course beautifully designed stylish and with LED lighting technology. Hey, no one says that you can not use all the advantages of modern lighting technology in a modern country house style!

This is something that should be clear to anyone when setting up their country house style: those who combine the furnishings according to their wishes with other styles, lives individual – and happier. Quite possible that you are more off the rustic and tend to a modern, light country style with light woods and clear shapes. That looks pretty much like Skandi? Yeah right! Because the Skandi style is nothing else than the Scandinavian variant of the country style. Like, you did not know that?


Let’s look away from the villa, corridors are usually quite narrow. And low. For this reason, we select country house ceiling lamps in hallways, which do not make the existing space even smaller than it already is. A low altitude The lamp helps to illuminate authentic country-house while still saving space.

However, if you do not put much value on rustic frames and small ceramic umbrellas in the hallway, we can also recommend modern recessed spotlights. They blend in perfectly with ceilings, so that the wooden ceiling and lamp become one and the same. Many nature-style hotels use this special design element, which does not necessarily look traditional, but looks really stylish.


If you lie in bed in your country bedroom and look at the ceiling – you should Not from the light of a country house ceiling light blinded become. This is especially important in the alignment of ceiling lights with multiple bulbs. A nice solution upward light sources, which by the reflection on ceiling and wall for a very soft lighting mood to care. Perfect for the bedroom!

May it be a bit more comfortable? Now, as cozy fabrics (blankets, pillows, even blankets) also play a significant role in the country house style, you will not deny a cozy fabric of a country house ceiling lamp. We are talking about textile ceiling lights whose light is just a bit softer and warmer.

Which bulbs for ceiling lamps in country style?

That with ceiling lamps in country style always on one warm color respected, we already mentioned. But this warm color not only refers to the frame of the lamp and its materials, but also on the light used or its color: Warm white should it be! Not more than 3,300 Kelvin. A bluish, “cold” white hardly finds a place in the country house style (by the way, in many other furnishing styles for the cozy part of the four walls).

What you can do most about this are LED bulbs. Pay attention to the product details in the shop, including the light color line, and enjoy other benefits with your LED light:

  • High energy savings (up to 90% compared to incandescent lamps)
  • Light for the environment (few watts at high brightness)
  • maintenance-free (Life of up to 50,000 hours)
  • Immediately 100% brightness (no switch-on delay as with energy-saving lamps)
  • mercury-free (do not be afraid of breaking the bulb)
  • Good to very good color reproduction (for juicy-looking meat and crunchy fruits)

By the way: absolutely in the trend are flat LED panels with a wooden frame for the country style. you combine the traditional with the modern, Because both are not mutually exclusive, you already know. And many, many others too, who experience the country-house style in a very modern, New Country or Skandi style, maybe with a bit of vintage or a hint of Industrial.

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