Creative sound panel shelves for musical decoration

The talk of Revival, the claim otherwise, it never went away: the gramophone record. And so this self-holds intimate music format, still or again, depending on your point of view – way into German households. Now it is not just a niche genre, but also Popular and pop music on the large black disc available. And retro fans, and Hipster parts of a sudden the same passion. The sound panel brings together people. And you may enjoy very much great popularity. For the record, except for a piece of music history and coveted collector’s item is a highly decorative Element in the apartment.Similar to books and book shelves also sound-panels create a unique atmosphere in the room. So the music is heard not only in the truest sense of the word, a multi-dimensional, physical experience. It is also part of the design of the Space. Sound panels are ideal for the decoration of walls. Who would not prefer to ruin his record covers with tacks and small nails to pierce or adhesive strips to hang them on the wall, exhibiting his musical decoration are also different.

And because of the Expedit and Kallax can be any, here are a few more creative suggestions for apartment decoration with Vinyl records:

Gramophone record cover as exchange pictures

Album covers are an art in itself. And often, one thinks of the design of individual cases, as it is a pity, actually, that is why, if you are disappear between all the other boards in the shelf, without someone really drops a look at it.

Some creative wall shelves for records set right here. They recognize the decorative value of strikingly designed, and the cult of the covers and allow your Design to give the cases the attention they deserve.

The great advantage of such a “record frame” is that the order of the records can be changed at any time. So the Cover as a mural is never boring and all of the panels found behind the place. Just the right Spot on the wall is missing:

Handy and good-looking

In a similar score to beat with this pendant to my record shelves. Although the functionality is more important than the Display of the favorite cover. Nevertheless, also these models is that you can put beautiful sleeves on a good show.

Here, too, can be brought by the Change of the order, in turn, the favorite album, or the most unusual Cover to the front or on the outer side are placed. The first thing every viewer, especially to see the Cover Artwork.

Here is set to Design the record sleeves to let it go first. Neutral design and a practical attachment to the wall, the shelves in the Background.

Stable eye-catcher to the plate storage

Rustic and solid, and completely creative. The plate shelves are ideal in the living of everyday life. Who is still in search of a chic living room table or a seat, you will find it here:

Also a real eye-catcher made of solid wood, is the plate storage in fruit crates or wine crates. If you want to have the whole prefer something with a modern Pep, clean Design, and robust processing, can purchase this plate shelf in the fruit boxes Look:

Who likes vinyl records and music, should also appreciate the storage area. Because plates and Cover can be used as decorative element and for the creation of atmosphere in the room for a very large part. This is a stylish, neat, and creative?!

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