Crystal table lamps  Ideas That Will
  Inspire You

Crystal table lamps  Ideas That Will Inspire You

Glittering all-rounders: crystal table lamps create a sophisticated ambience

As a sparkling all-rounder, crystal table lamps stylishly enhance any room. They can be used practically everywhere – on the desk, the bedside table, the sideboard or the side table – and are the icing on the cake of any interior. Table lamps fit in every little room and set personal accents. With crystal table lamps you conjure up an atmosphere of grace and style in every room.

Crystal table lamps and their Greek origin

The many large and small cut glass stones give the crystal table lamps a particularly high expressiveness. The name for these glass stones comes from the Greek and means ice. In ancient Greece, quartz crystals found in mining were believed to be ice and gave them the name “krystallos”. The glittering stones of the crystal table lamps are made of polished and polished glass, which has a high refractive index and therefore reflects the light falling on it thousands of times in all directions.