Decorate for Christmas with snow globes

Decorate for Christmas with snow globes

Snow globes everyone knows. Especially as Vintage snow globes with finely decorated ceramic base, or rustic with wooden base are the cute decorative accessories very much in demand. You need to grab deep in the pocket to buy at the Christmas market of the home town original, chic, or noble snow balls. Do-it-yourself is the motto. You can work with – purged Mason Jars, jam jars, or – for the larger version-pickle jars. Who has a lot of fine motor skills, and can even conjure up from transparent Christmas baubles snow globes.

What you need for homemade snow globes

  • screw-on lenses
  • Artificial snow or glitter powder from the craft store
  • Decorative figurines, crafted either self-or Creative; it is important that the paint is water-soluble
  • Hot glue or silicone
  • distilled water
  • Glycerol; alternatively, baby oil or dish washing soap will work
  • any jewelry, belts or decorative beads


The instructions for DIY snow globes

1. The lid of the screw-on jars must be clean and dry. Because they are the stand for the figures inside the snow globes. Particularly precious: the Golden fir-tree or a silver-colored, typical winter animals, such as reindeers, owls or squirrels.

2. The figures are then glued with the hot glue in the screw-on lid.2.1 In the case of decorative or Christmas tree balls to the figurines at the bottom of the ball fixed. For this purpose, it is recommended to work with a long pair of tweezers and a steady Hand.

3. While this is drying, should prevent streaks rinsed the glass again before it is filled with liquid. The correct mixing ratio of water and glycerol is 1:1. The Glycerin makes sure the glitter floating floc in the water and sink to the not immediately be re-ground.

4. The water-glycerol mixture is ready, flake the art of snow and the glitter powder was added. Not too much of a Good thing, otherwise you recognize the figures in the self-made snow ball.4.1 Who instead of Glycerin detergent used: It is sufficient in the case of a normal splash, the front of the filling into the snow globe, well-mixed, so that the washing-up liquid or baby oil in the water fully dissolves. – Now the lid carefully with hot glue or silicone around it, Unscrew and let dry. – If you like, you can now decorate the screw-on cover with a chic craft tape or fabric, raffia or yarn.

Base for the snow globe for the Vintage effect

For a Plus of Vintage can be made of wood or Styrofoam Base with something Rococo – or Baroque’esker ornaments crafts. Alternatively, you can keep it at flea markets on the lookout for potential Vintage-sockets. Also other objects can be alienated, such as caskets. For more elegance, the Socket can be sprayed then with silver, gold or white craft paint.