DIY ideas for autumn decorating and accessories

When autumn shows up particularly in October to its pleasant, Golden side, and with the last, warm rays of the sun attracts to walks in the forest and Meadow, is the decorative Fans is a true Paradise. Gold, yellow, orange and red leaves sailing dreamily from the trees. Blue and red-orange flowers and berries lights of karger growing bushes, shrubs and Branches. Mushrooms and chestnuts line the moss-covered floors. A true self-service shop for all of the decorate your home like autumn that wakes up the collector’s instinct. With natural materials in the living room, hallway and a terrace in wonderfully warm colors. With simple means, which can be at this time of year everywhere, you can realize some of the most beautiful ideas for homemade autumn decoration.

Autumn wind lights for Indoors and Outdoors

Candles provide warmth and comfort. Donate to subtle and indirect light and create a pleasant atmosphere. This opportunity to design an autumn-blissful ambiance that candles provide, you should for a great autumn decoration home take advantage of. Wind lights are particularly suitable for this. The autumn Flair, you can implement very nice and simple. Wind lights offer many creative approaches.

Nuts, chestnuts and dried fruits

In a large wind light collected chestnuts, walnuts, acorns and hazelnuts filling and a bed for the thickness of the block candle. For a more stable Stand of the candle, especially when children or animals are in the house, are candles coasters with lace. The candles can impale, what protects you from the possible shocks.

For more color play in the wind light dried fruit with nuts mixed in. About lemon slices, orange slices, Apple write, or Fig slices. A handful of orange Rowan berries or rose hips, and the bed for the candle reflects the full color spectrum of the autumn landscape.

Leaves, branches and berries

With small, fine Branches, twigs, or Ears of corn, especially in the small, transparent wind lights are beautiful. With Hot or super glue the thin branches, individually and as tightly as possible next to each other on the candle holder with glue. Especially beautiful in autumn wind lights look so decorated, if some of the branches still hanging berries. Otherwise, they can also be bound in addition to the with Knots glued a candle holder. Fixed either with a thin adhesive dots or with ribbons and bows made of natural materials.

A very beautiful effect is also autumn colored leaves. These should not be dried so that they remain pliable and cuddly. Then the orange-yellow and red leaves of maple, oak and birch generously with decoupage glue and sprinkle. To canning jars, or wind the lights around the wrap and glue. Here, too, can again berries, fine Branches with blue or Rowan berries form the final Highlight. For additional fixation of flax or jute tapes are used.

Homemade wall decoration for the fall

From Passepartouts and picture frames wonderful autumn accessories can. The Great thing about these ideas is that they redesigned every Season is suitable, or in the following year, back to the apartment decoration that can be used. Some of the ideas can also be used in a larger scale can be realized – for example, if you have a living room table or a bedside table with a glass plate, may also be a deepening for self-Assembly.

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