DIY ideas for christmas decorations

Christmas – and every year the same questions: Who is with whom, with whom, and who’s cooking, who gives what to whom, or all together, and especially as the apartment decorating? The classics are, of course, decorated Christmas star in Golden pot and with a white or silver dust powder. The obligatory incense and, of course, the Centerpiece of every Christmas living room table or dining table, the Christmas wreath! Or is he allowed to? We say he must. Because there is such a beautiful, modern ideas for Christmas and advent decorations, that you can do without the needle in the rim confidently.

To play Christmas time the creativity. In the dark, cold Season we lay low anyway, all the best in cozy, warm home. And the time you can use perfectly to his DIY live out the urge. Put boxes around the ideal can be self-made advent calendar create. Glass vases by gold-coloured or red craft crepe and light chains for Christmas soft, indirect light sources to turn. Vintage snow balls draping down to create a tasteful winter Wonderland on the Sideboard or a wall shelf. The DIY ideas are bubbling just in the run-up to Christmas almost out of your body. And at the core of any advent decoration is the advent wreath.

But to pick up instead of Christmas, like every year, fir-tree green, in the apartment and it turn hard a wreath around it and drape, you might let nature just as it is. That is just as good or even better for a great Christmas atmosphere at home, to prove these three DIY ideas for the season of Advent.

3 rustic ideas for modern, self-made advent wreath-Alternative

1. Idea: For this version of a Christmas living idea simply a wooden log cut in half and on the round side, make four holes. A hinge hole attachment or a saw-wreath. There can be set later to fit exactly tea lights and a rustic Alternative to the traditional advent is created wreath. Particularly beautiful it is, if you used birch wood. If you want to get slim, long candle, can, this, to the large holes to hide with a drop of wax or hot glue in the holes to fix and a little moss to the bottom end of the candle drape. The choice of the candles remains open and flexible. Also great: Four small, round spruce logs, from whose flat end has a hole for the candle is milled. The small wooden candle holder on a tray or in a decorative bowl arrange, and with fir branches, moss and loops to decorate.

2. Idea: A more, stylish, and super simple Alternative to the advent wreath, four smaller, different pieces of wood to take and the minimalist use of mosses and pine green to decorate. This tea – or small wind lights can then be made. If necessary, the wood can be decorated logs with gold leaf or pretty ribbons and loops. It is important that the decoration fails in a reserved and harmonious. So, about a white fabric band around the upper third of the Wood wood should be bound and a white candle on a bed of larch needles. Or dark green felt patches wrap around the Logs, this with brown or in harmony with green cord tie. The cord can be small fir or nuts mounted pin and the top small wind will put lights in Gold or Green. This Alternative to Christmas wreath for indoors and outdoors alike.

3. Idea: Also birch bark can be an excellent Material to make an advent wreath-Alternative. This is a large piece of birch, a couple of star bark shapes cut out. Because the wood is very soft, is that possible with a conventional cutter knife is already quite good. Then the birch-bark, suitable cut to size and four different sized wind lights, glass or acrylic. In a few Places with hot glue good fix and, if necessary, with a narrow waistband and natural fibers in addition to fix. To the fibers before a small branch of mistletoe, artificial poinsettia flower or two to three Mini may have been Christmas balls lined up. With nodes and loops is fixed, it stays where you’re going. Then just a tea light in the glass, and the self-made Alternative to the advent wreath is ready.

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