Elegant table setting for individual ideas at dinner

Undoubtedly, the casual closing time with an uncomplicated snack on the cuddly sofa much joy. But the other motto of the enjoyable leisure time has its charm: With plenty of time and quiet music in the background you have your friends as guests and spend a good evening with good food and an interesting wine. In the ideal case, a quick glance at the stylishly arranged table with its fine table setting is enough for your guests to guess: this evening will be delicious.

Those who enjoy life in every way, appreciate casual moments as well as a neat atmosphere. The romantic meal for two, the family celebration for a birthday or the Italian evening with friends: These interpersonal events feel very different when you set the table right. Immediately there is a touch of solemnity in the air and the sociable hours are given the importance they deserve.

That a lovingly furnished living room contributes to the harmonious setting as well as a soft lighting and relaxed hosts, need not be explained. Less relevant is that true masterpieces from the hobby kitchen are served. A niggling menu with antipasti from the specialty shop, truffled fettuccine as a main course and fresh fruit for dessert will satisfy even the most discerning gourmets. In the foreground is the cordiality of the invitation, which can be seen in the carefully selected table setting as well as the tasteful table decoration.

The dishes – festive white

For the banquet table at home, a plain white collection of renowned porcelain manufacturers is always recommended. Due to its strength, this can underline the upscale country-house style, the filigree form, the exquisite lifestyle or the distinctive form the extravagant taste.

In any case, the pure elegance provides you with decades of freedom in the table decoration. In addition, the crockery of traditional brands is available long-term and can be supplemented if necessary.

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