Exterior wall lights – shining stars of your house facade

Where does the exterior wall light belong? Right next to the entrance, Because not to hit the keyhole after only 10 attempts is a nice thing. Rear at the patio door, And because it looks nicer, just left and right one. On the house facade to illuminate the garden path, Because even a stubbed toe because of the overlooked step must not be yes. And of course on the balcony, at the garden shed, behind at the basement stairs and and and. For all this and much more there is Outdoor wall lights, For which location and in which style are you still looking for one?

LED or halogen – which illuminant to use for the exterior wall light?

In principle, you can of course use both in your exterior wall lights. Because if it is with a standardized version, e.g. E27, equipped, both halogen and LED can be screwed. But, before you really decide between LED and halogen: pause briefly, read the following lines and then put the bulbs in the shopping cart:

  • LEDs = bulbs of the present. Halogen lamps = bulbs of the past
  • LEDs save 60% of electricity compared to halogen lamps. It is even 90% compared to incandescent bulbs!
  • LEDs are switch resistant – frequent on and off is no problem
  • LEDs last up to 50,000 hours during operation. Halogen lamps? Only about 4,000!
  • LEDs have no mercury – in contrast to energy-saving lamps
  • LEDs are also very suitable for motion detectors. They offer 100% brightness immediately.
  • Thanks to filament technology, LEDs also look great in open luminaires

Which type of protection is required for an exterior wall luminaire?

Yes, such an exterior wall light has it really not easy. In winter it is snow and ice, more clinking cold and what makes it really uncomfortable, exposed. But also constant weather changes, extreme heat or rain without end you can pretty much put her down. To protect the delicate electronics and the light itself, each exterior wall light has one protection, called IP (Ingress Protection) – e.g. IP44 or IP65.

However, which of these must be accurate depends on where the light is hung. And above all: which weather conditions it is exposed directly or indirectly. Therefore, a general answer regarding the required degree of protection is unfortunately not possible and must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The first digit indicates the Protection against foreign bodies, The second digit gives information about the Protection against moisture, Which digit stands for what, you can easily read in the following table:

Like many other outdoor luminaires, outdoor wall luminaires are nowadays equipped with integrated motion detectors. And that makes sense anyway. Why? Well, because so ….

  • Electricity is saved and bulbs are spared – purses and the environment are happy
  • no annoying permanent light in the garden can occur more, keyword light pollution
  • the light is really there when you need it urgently. Or do you like to play “Where is the keyhole”?
  • Electricity is saved. Yes, we already had that. But we had to stress it again. And with modern LED lamps you also save twice!
  • just the area you want, and only as long as you want – the various settings of the motion detector is thanks!

Our tip: For motion detectors better keep the fingers of energy-saving lamps. They have a start-up time. And with motion detectors waiting for the light is really quite annoying and sometimes really dangerous. Better up here Led Lamps put. You give (as well as halogen and incandescent lamps) immediately 100% brightness!

Are there outside wall lights also with solar?

You think: Solar = shining jam jar for the garden table and colorful deco ball for the bed? Perhaps even a solar spotlight to illuminate the pretty flowers? So only pure decorative use? Not even close! Because the solar technology is today far from its beginnings. And no longer only in decoration, but also in practical lighting to be found – as well as in exterior wall lights. And here, too, the solar technology simply offers numerous, convincing Advantages:

    • no additional electricity costs
    • equipped with modern LED lamps
    • Do not lay any additional power cables – less effort and stress for you.
    • especially comfortable for hard-to-reach places or places without electricity
    • Thanks to the twilight sensor, they automatically switch on when darkness falls
    • installable without expertise
    • Luminous duration usually between 8 and 10 hours
    • also flexible in existing lighting concept
    • also available with extras: e.g. Motion detector. Finally, there is light when you actually need it.

Our tip: The solar module always best direct sunlight expose. And ideally after south align. Is not possible at all? Then think about going to a solar outdoor wall lamp, where the Solar module not fixed in the light is integrated. So you can attach the light where you need it. And the solar module just around the corner, where more sun is coming.

Are there exterior wall lights that radiate up and down?

To above and after below, Only downwards or even upwards. Or, if you want, also in all directions, You’re wondering what that means? Very easily. You alone decide how the exterior wall light should give you the light in your garden or the entrance to the house. And especially with the exterior wall lights there are the various possibilities, One of them: the light emission up and down.

And with such a lamp you kill two birds with one stone. security and production, And with only a single light. For example, because on the wall of the house, directly above a garden path, such a luminaire not only gives security – namely through good lighting conditions on the way, Also beautiful light Highlights are created because the light effectively drives along the wall of the house.

Are there exterior wall lights with camera?

A Exterior wall light with motion detector is a really nice thing. Relieves that Wallet and also the environment, And also increases the more security your own four walls. Really great. But can you go one step further in terms of comfort and safety through light? Yes you can. With exterior wall lights with camera. These offer beside best light characteristics and an integrated motion sensor numerous other advantages:

    • easy installation and alignment
    • Control via smartphone app
    • Camera with high-resolution wide-angle lens
    • Live transmission of the pictures with notifications
    • Video and image memory
    • with loudspeaker and integrated intercom
    • adjustable alarm signal

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