Fatboy lamps – The slightly different lights

Style icons are interpreted in a modern way and optimized with the possibilities of the 21st century: this is how the philosophy of the Dutch company can be summed up. After the brilliant debut with a high quality bean bag collection presents Fatboy lamps which enrich life as versatile as fluffy all-rounders for relaxed hours. That is why the Fatboy table lamp Edison The Petit, the all-rounder Thierry Le Swinger and the luscious chandelier RockCoco 12.0 have one thing in common: They conquer the hearts of design fans by storm.

Edison The Petit – tribute to the inventor of the light bulb

Finnish designer Jukka Setälä did not receive the attention he deserved for his contemporary interpretation of iconic seating. With Alex Bergman, however, the spark jumped over immediately. Therefore, he created the framework for the professional marketing of the design idea, debuted with the first collection in 2002 and helped so the bean bags to a brilliant comeback. Since then, the founder of Fatboy has demonstrated a sense for distinctive designs that are made for the current lifestyle. So it is not surprising that the lamp Edison The Petit resembles a creative point landing.

Puristic lamp with victorian features

For the table lamp, the designers combine the aesthetic rigor of the Victorian style with the purist trends of the present and the charming silhouette of grandma’s living room lamps. This distinctive melange is dedicated to the inventor of the light bulb. Thomas Edison would be delighted with the lamps, which are available in three sizes. With his invention, he once contributed to the fact that the population could easily provide brightness after dark and enjoy the end of the day flexible. So he changed with his technical achievement, the private way of life.

With functional advantages

The Edison The Petit also opens up completely new possibilities for its owners thanks to the use of innovative technology. The energy efficiency of the integrated LEDs made it possible to implement a wireless concept with a battery. The fact that the lamp is made of a high-quality and lightweight plastic, not only benefits the distinctive aesthetics. The compact all-rounder accompanies you carefree to any place in the apartment and outdoors, where you want a targeted illumination or indirect light. Thus, the table lamp takes up the basic idea of ??the 19th century to improve functionality in the sense of the inventor.

fascinating transparency

For the talented designers of the Dutch brand, changing just a few nuances is enough to make a classic a novelty. So the Fatboy Transloetje can not deny their close relationship with the Edison collection, but unfolds a completely independent character. The highlight of the failed lamp is the transparent plastic, which presents itself pure or slightly tinted. Thus, the technical interior with the light bulb, the wiring and other components is put into the limelight and an element of aesthetic design.

A tap on the lamp base is enough to enjoy the great lighting effect of the portable and rechargeable Transloetje. An ensemble with different color variations of the design light in the living room or on the terrace is particularly chic.

Bolleke – pure harmony for spontaneous types

To the ball lamp of the Bauhaus era the Fatboy Bolleke reminds as well as a pearl. The neat aura of the maritime treasure arises mainly from the round shape and the silky texture of the surface. This design approach not only impresses visually, but also enables a large amount of light scattering. Thus, the lamps of the Bolleke product line are wonderfully suited for diffuse general lighting.

The brand also sticks to the wireless luminaire design in this series, which is also equipped with a clever loop for nimble installation. As a result, the pearl of LED technology spontaneously enhances the ambience in the interior, in the garden or at the picnic in the park.

decorative design light with a pinch of nostalgia

The unconventional Fatboy Lampie-on invites you on a fantasy journey into the past. The lights of the collection clearly catch the old-fashioned language of oil lamps, which accompanied everyday life before the triumphal march of electric light. The nostalgic aura is underlined by the slider, which was common in the historical model and characterizes the operation of the dimmable Lampie-on.

Whether you use the contemporary version of the oil lamp for a walk in the forest, the party decoration or for the lighting design in the living room is up to you. Because the LED lamp with battery and practical hook is an asset in all situations of life.

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