Fireplace room design – Elegant design for cold days

When the days are getting shorter again and it’s too cold to sit outside on the terrace for a long time, the fireplace season has come. It is worthwhile to see the fireplace not only as a pure functional object, but as a “piece of furniture” that gives a room atmosphere. With a few changes, a fireplace room can be designed that invites you to linger and relax.

More than just a heater

The days when a fireplace was just a commodity for heating the living spaces are long gone. Today it is used to make it comfortable at home; Just when the frost is knocking on the window outside and you return home from a winter walk with cold hands and cheeks, a warm fireplace gives you the special feeling of great security.

Because the modern underfloor heating or the boiler in the basement are of course more effective, the fireplace is an appealing addition that brings some benefits. So the heat that radiates a real fire is pleasant and relaxing. Visible blazing flames a highlight of any interior design. On classic models, the typical smoky scent of dried wood and a soothing crackle come to mind. No wonder that the trend towards the design fireplace is a piece of furniture.

Heart of the fireplace room

No matter how you want to design the fireplace room: Rustic, cozy, modern or simple, the possibilities are endless. In addition to classic stoves, which are permanently mounted with smoke exhaust on the wall or in the corner, there are a variety of other types. From the free-standing ethanol fireplace to hanging variants or entire living areas with an integrated fireplace, everything is possible nowadays.

The bioethanol versions, in particular, have found their way into numerous spatial design concepts – they allow open fires without major conversion measures in the form of a shaft or fume hood.

The fireplaces from the radius design and safretti brands offer a wide range of possibilities. State-of-the-art combustion chambers make it possible to burn bioethanol into a uniform, long-lasting fire that produces essentially water vapor and carbon dioxide. So you can dispense with a chimney and the installation is independent in the room free of structural conditions.

The fireplace room

But a fireplace room is of course more than a fireplace and storage. The combination of different natural materials is particularly useful if you want to design a cozy fireplace room.

A wooden floor and a wall cladding made of stone fit well with a rustic wood stove, but also emphasize bio-ethanol variants in a special way, as a contrast is generated. The smooth, plain glass and polished materials of the fireplace contrast with the natural, uneven surfaces of soapstone, brick, wood planks or rugs.

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