Florentine chandelier – light source and artwork in one

Often one connects with chandeliers large, splendid halls and castles, where kings and emperors were crowned and the fine company held their dances. But also in private households hold such magnificent chandelier more and more frequently. The large, multi-flame and imposing chandeliers, which are also called chandeliers or chandeliers, were and are the epitome of luxury and extravagance.

Candlesticks with a long tradition

The chandelier as a special form of ceiling light is characterized by several light sources and elements for refraction, such as gems, glass blocks or plastic elements. Even without being on, that is chandelier an impressive eye-catcher in the room. Nowadays, there are not only such candlesticks modeled after the original, royal chandeliers, but also design candlesticks that delight the modern purist’s heart, or Florentine chandeliers that offer playful, floral elements.

The Florentine chandelier as a special form of chandelier

The hallmark of Florentine candlesticks is the equipment with elements of nature. Small, often colorful flowers surround the bulbs, leaf-like elements entwine around the arms of the chandelier and make the Florentine chandelier appear like a natural plant. The fine curved chandelier arms look like the branches of a tree or bush. With a Florentine candlesticks Get the playfulness of the flowers in the house and illuminate your living room with an extravagant light source.

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