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Let there be light in the cupboard – with furniture recessed lights

Finally, hold the lost sock in your hands! That’s what you want? Then come with recessed lights to your destination one step closer. Seriously, furniture recessed lights illuminate wardrobes, cupboards, bookshelves, chests of drawers and showcases. And very subtly, without pushing yourself into the foreground. Because furniture recessed lights do not want to boast a trendy lighting design. Simple and reserved, they only provide light – and that very well!

But aesthetics is still an important concept in the context of furniture recessed spotlights. Because the small lights, which disappear inconspicuously in the wood, impressively highlight display cabinet contents. Since the limited edition vinyl or the DVD collection shines properly. Of course, a stage also needs perfect lighting. That’s not the only thing in the theater.

How are recessed furniture luminaires installed?

There are different possibilities. None of them are very difficult.

  • You mount a plastic ring on a smooth surface and put the lights in it. Advantage: You do not have to drill your furniture. Disadvantage: The whole becomes 1-2 cm higher.
  • They use a mounting spring. For this, however, you have to drill a blind hole into which the light with the spring is inserted. The spring is then folded down, causing it to lose about 5 cm to the right and left. In addition, the spring is unfortunately visible.
  • They drill a blind hole in which the lamp jams itself. So everything stays nice and flat and there is nothing to see except the lamp. Perfect for showcases and shelves, for example.
  • With elongated lights, of course, an elongated recess in the wood is needed. The dimensions for the milling groove can be found in the product details.

Are furniture recessed lights flat?

If you let them disappear in a blind hole you have drilled in the wood, no additional height is created. But in itself the practical lights are already very flat. After all, they should not change the look of the furniture.

Which hole size is the right one for the installation?

That depends entirely on the diameter of your furniture recessed luminaire. The installation instructions, which are enclosed with your lights, you can see how big this must be. Accordingly big you make the blind hole. Too complicated?

Which bulbs are suitable for furniture recessed luminaires?

  • LED LED furniture is already integrated in most furniture recessed luminaires. And with LED lamps you are always right. They are simply the light source of choice in every respect. Compared to halogen lamps you save 60% of electricity, compared to incandescent even 90%, That’s not the only advantage. All the advantages at a glance can be seen in our infographic.
  • halogen LED is the present and the future. Halogen is the past. Although there are also halogen furniture recessed lights. But many are not anymore. Our tip: make a cut and put on LED.

Are there dimmable furniture recessed lights?

If they are marked as dimmable, yes. But you have to pay attention to that. Where there is no indication of dimmability, the function is not included.

Are there furniture recessed lights as a set?

Of course there are those. Often three sets are offered. For a furniture recessed light is rarely alone. Even if you do not order a set, you will most likely not just order one. So nothing speaks against a practical set.

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