Furniture mounted light You’ll Enjoy

Furniture mounted lights – give your furniture a special touch!

A furniture-mounted luminaire is, as the name suggests, mounted on or on a piece of furniture. In contrast to the furniture recessed luminaire, the furniture mounted luminaire is not installed in the furniture, so it consumes more space in the room than a recessed luminaire. Furniture-mounted luminaires are not only practical when it comes to illuminating dark corners on shelves, showcases or cabinets, but also put your furniture in the true light of day in the right light. As furniture mounted luminaires are usually mounted on wood, it is essential to pay attention to the fire protection symbol “M”. This mark guarantees that the heat generated by the lamp does not pose a risk of fire on the wood of the furniture.

Affordable and safe: LED furniture mounted lights

The most practical and uncomplicated in the field of furniture mounted luminaires are the modern light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Since they do not develop much heat when put into operation, there is also no risk that the piece of furniture to which they are mounted, burns. Another advantage of the LED furniture-mounted luminaires are the many color design options that result from the large color palette of the LEDs. A furniture mounted luminaire equipped with LEDs makes every cabinet, every display cabinet or every shelf a real wonder of light and color.

Furniture mounted lights – mood-makers in every room

Whether in the bookshelves of your own small library or in the showcases in which the won trophies are exhibited – furniture-mounted light always fulfill several purposes at the same time. They set accents and at the same time provide indirect light, which creates an atmospheric atmosphere throughout the room. The various furniture mounted luminaires in our product range – from the classic round surface-mounted luminaire to the colorful LED light strip – has something for every taste!

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