Glass Magnetic Board – The modern version of the pin board

Many people are familiar with the situation: they are desperately looking for the theater tickets bought months ago, the bill of exchange for a purchased electrical appliance or for an important telephone number or e-mail address. Occasionally in hectic everyday life so much excitement can arise that important notes and documents between other things and possibly then accidentally end up in the garbage. With a modern magnetic board, there is a contemporary order system that counteracts this.

The modern version of the pin board

During childhood, it used to be a common accessory in our rooms – the classic pin board made of thin cork boards to which notes could be attached with pins and which eventually crumbled away. Somewhat more durable were already the slates, on which one could attach however only written notes with chalk. This meant wiping regularly with dirty fingers and chalk dust on the floor below the board. Both versions are no longer up-to-date these days and are replaced by modern technologies such as smartphones, especially in the youth, where appointments and information can be entered quickly. But where to go with summer party invitations, reminders for the next doctor’s appointment, and flyers of delivery services, without them being randomly distributed throughout the apartment? For this purpose, the function of the magnetic board comes into play again. Modern models boast an elegant design that meets modern living standards and experience a true renaissance in combination with their versatile functionality. A particularly graceful variant is a glass magnetic board.

Various functions in a home accessory

A modern magnetic board is particularly stylish in a home to advantage, when the classic metal plate is covered with an aesthetically pleasing glass layer. Not only that this model is visually very adorable and you can attach to this note with the associated magnets without damage or residue on the material – with special board markers you can also label them. The markers are very easy to wipe off, so you can quickly change notes again. An advantage of the glass magnetic board in comparison to the pin board is that for fixing no documents and photos need to be pierced with a needle. In addition, however, the greatest possible flexibility in the arrangement and modification of notes is guaranteed. This can be an important factor not only when brainstorming in the office, but also in the home office or in the private kitchen.

Use in different living areas

Whether you attach your shopping lists in the kitchen, note important business appointments in the office or simply present cheerful family pictures in the living room for a friendly room ambience – the application possibilities are extremely diverse. With the board markers you can also get creative and draw small works of art. In this way, you can present information leaflets within a self-painted framework. A modern glass magnetic board is not only a practical tool for sorting and storage, it also raises a new claim to an elegant complement of the interior, which was rather not given in the classic models. These accessories are available on the market in different size dimensions and also in different colors, so that there is a fitting copy for all apartments in modern furnishing style. An interesting side effect is the gentle reflection of incident natural light on the glass surface, so that there can be an increase in the natural brightness in the room. This effect is reinforced even more by the so-called magnetic mirrors, which combine the functions of the glass magnetic board and a conventional mirror in itself. A good application find these variants in the bathroom – you have a mirror and can take a quick look at the most important appointments of the day that you attach there when freshening in the morning.

Not every magnet is suitable

You may know the effect if you even attach notes to the refrigerator – are too many appropriate, conventional magnets can not carry them and give way. For a modern glass magnetic board there are special magnets that prevent your notes from spreading on the floor. Since the glass plate covers the back of sheet steel, a magnet must be strong enough to penetrate through the superficial material and to find the adhesion with the metal – for the normal kitchen magnets are just not enough. Variants made of the material neodymium, on the other hand, have a much stronger adhesive effect than the counterpart with steel coating. They are usually designed in a disc or cube shape and can easily hold multi-page documents in the desired location. However, the effect can be so strong that in particular smaller specimens can sometimes not easily be removed from the surface. Be sure to choose magnets where the correlation between magnet size and strength of the magnetic effect is optimal for comfortable handling.

Glass Magnetic Board – the supplement for your home

The very colorful surface, depending on the selected model, develops a very strong effect on the room atmosphere, especially if the rest of the wall design is rather simple or sometimes even made of exposed concrete. With a clever choice of colors and sizes, a contemporary glass magnetic board can be used to create either color and style contrasts or a space for information and inspiration can be harmoniously and discreetly integrated into a design principle. As a combination of functional equipment and accessory, the magnetic board can be used in various areas of your private life, but also for purposes at work and is always at your side, when it gets confusing.

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