Hallway decorating ideas – Setup tips for a chic hallway

The chaos seems perfect and order-minded guests clap their hands over their heads as soon as they arrive. If you feel addressed at this moment, it is time for a corridor design with a clever furnishing concept and a functionally thought-out design wardrobe. Because experience shows that the homely problem child results from the impractical furniture and not from the confused characters of the residents.

Architectural hurdles in the inviting corridor design

The corridor is usually only given a secondary role in the present. It starts with the architecture of modern buildings. Long gone are the days when behind the front door a stately hall with space for a sociable dining group and crackling fireplace hid. Instead, there is a limited amount of square meters available for many apartments, from which you want to design a corridor. To make matters worse, there is hardly any space available due to the adjacent doors and the narrow design.

These sobering facts are contrasted with the fact that corridors are one of the multifunctional spheres of life. Here, residents put on outerwear and quickly check the styling before they break up. Friends expect an arrival, where they can take off their shoes relaxed and find space for jackets or accessories. On top of that, people like parcel deliverers or neighbors only get to see this space and deduce their individual lifestyle. So the problem child threatened by the chaos is also the poster child for stylish ambience in your home.

Design the hallway with clever design ideas

Fortunately, well-known brands have recognized the problem and offer high-quality design ideas that are practical, space-saving and chic for the corridor design. Before the project can start, radical rationalization is required. Almost all clothes, shoes and a lot of small items have lost nothing in the entrance area, as they are hardly used. This eliminates the need for bulky furniture such as chests of drawers, which make the hall appear cramped and better placed elsewhere.

When the room is completely empty, you can work from scratch to develop a strategy to keep the hallway active. First of all, the focus is on indispensable basics such as a wardrobe and a shoe rack.

Symbiosis of practical ideas and modern aesthetics for the warm welcome

Of course, the hall design is not finished yet with a designer wardrobe and a shoe rack. Other must-haves join in, which are also characterized by a straightforward, multifunctional and minimalist aesthetic. This strategy does justice to the fact that the space in the hallway is usually manageable. In addition, there is always a certain amount of restlessness in the garments with different colors and styles.

Therefore, it is tactically clever, if you design the hallway only with home accessories, which enhance the space practically and equate to an aesthetic point landing. The Bank Cutter, for example, aptly complements the Skagerak designer wardrobe, offers a spontaneous seat and makes dressing easier.

Alternatively, as a seating opportunity illuminated furniture for the trendy hallway.

Reflections give smaller rooms more depth, which is achieved with our magnetic mirrors, which regulate the everyday paperwork incidentally. Large and inscribable glass magnetic boards of the Max collection pep up the ambience without frills with their strong color and optimize nimble communication among the residents.

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