Best hanging lights for your home to choose from

The pendant lamp – the luminous heart of the room

It simply makes the room nice, cozy and inviting. We are talking about the hanging lamp. When Eye catcher in the middle of the room emphasizes your taste in terms of furnishings. Whether vintage, Scandinavian, classic or rustic. And the most important thing: it gives light to the table very flexibly.

How high above the table are suspended luminaires optimal?

Suspended too low can disturb a pendant lamp. Then, for example, when you can no longer look your counterpart in the face or bump your head when you get up and sit down. Therefore is considered as Rule of thumb: Hang your pendant light 80 to 100 inches above the table on. With a height-adjustable luminaire, this is just as good a starting point – it can always be adjusted if necessary.

And if there is no table in the game?

If you just want to hang a hanging lamp in the room, you should make sure that you can not bump your head while running. With a good two meters above the floor you should be right.

How can the cable be hidden or shortened?

There are lights where the cable can be pulled into the cover of the suspension. So it can be easily hidden. However, trying yourself as a hobby electrician and cutting the cable is certainly not an option. Because Safety first. Apart from that, your warranty would expire if you yourself would lend a hand.

Tip: When purchasing a luminaire make sure that there is a cover under which annoying cables can be hidden. Or the cable just as design element to plan with. After all, ugly cable clutter is now a thing of the past for the vast majority of luminaires. So just look around our shop for a great new pendant lamp that does not have to hide their cables.

Are hanging lamps height adjustable?

In fact, many hanging lamps are height adjustable thanks to practical cable pull. This can be the Light incidence varies flexibly become. Hung high up on the ceiling, they can illuminate the whole room. Further down, the cone of light, for example, illuminates a table or kitchen island as a place of action.

Are there any pendant luminaires with touch dimmers?

Yes, there is – the brightness can be regulated with ease – from brightly light to comfortably dusky. Also with Memory function Touch dimmers are partially equipped. So it goes on next power on with the last selected brightness.

Are there pendant lights with remote control?

Many pendant lights are today with a practical one remote Control fitted. This can vary depending on your mood

  • the light color varies (choice between warm white, universal white and daylight white)
  • between colorful color variants (multicolour thanks to color changing light technologies) chosen
  • and also dimmed become.

Who prefers a remote control instead Smartphone wants to use, also has a large selection. Just visit our shop in the sub category Smart Home Lighting category Housing Lamps.

What’s in store for hanging lamps?

Pendant lamps made of natural or even simple materials are currently particularly popular. Wood fabric, glass and concrete are in great demand. What is particularly pleasing are purist luminaires, which set glowing statements without much pettiness.

Which bulb is suitable for my pendant light?

Not every pendant lamp raises the question of the right illuminant. Because they exist also with permanently installed lighting technology. Thus, the modern LED technology has given the designers in recent years, much leeway for slim forms. Who relies on separate lamps, goes well with LED. A long service life, great energy savings and diversity in optics make the race here.

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