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Historic appearance, latest technology:
antique chandeliers

Historic appearance, latest technology: antique chandeliers

Who loves it pompous, does not pass them. Because chandeliers – best still in an antique look – give extravagant rooms charm and class. The larger the rooms, the better, because chandeliers like to take up a lot of space and work with a lot of distance to the next wall and the floor optimally. But do not worry, one Castle or a castle You do not have to live in order to identify yourself as a chandelier candidate. A Altbauwohnung, on Loft, on big room or a opulent hallway are also a perfect backdrop for antique chandeliers. But do not worry: too for small rooms You will surely find the right small chandelier.

What materials are antique chandeliers made of?

If you want to know exactly which materials are able to create chandeliers in antique charm, just look in the shop under the Filter “Material” to. You can choose from:

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • crystal
  • Brass
  • matter
  • silk
  • and other metals such as iron.

And – you will not believe it – too plastic, What nobody would suspect in an old castle is able to be trimmed to old.

Is crystal a special material for chandeliers?

In the case of chandeliers, of course, one thinks of stylish, pompous heavyweights that did not save on crystal. One comes to mind first of all Swarovski crystals, of the Company Schonbek magnificently processed into chandeliers. Other manufacturers of crystal chandeliers can be found in the Shop filter under “Manufacturer” show. What you should absolutely know: Not all crystal chandeliers are automatically particularly powerful and antique-looking. Of course there are also modern variants.

In which colors are chandeliers available?

Quite classically, with antique chandeliers, you are sure to think of silver and gold models or variants in brass. But there is more. From gray to bronze to cream everything is there.