House numbers Lights  Ideas That Will Inspire You

The correct house number lighting ensures good visibility

What use is the most beautiful house number if you can not find it in the dark? Only a house number lighting ensures that even after sunset, that you will be found. Particularly useful is a house number lighting, which is coupled with a motion detector or an infrared sensor. It turns on whenever someone approaches. This saves electricity, because the house number lighting only turns on when it is really needed. Even more power can be saved if the house number lighting is equipped with LEDs or a solar house number lighting is used.

House number lights save important minutes in an emergency

The information is perhaps still relatively little common, but in some communities and cities, such as the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, house number lights or illuminated house numbers are mandatory. This regulation is intended to ensure that a house or apartment can be found instantly by the house number lights at night and at dusk. Which rules apply to the regulations of house number lights should ask homeowners best at their respective municipality or city administration. For their good visibility house number lights must therefore be installed at a sufficient height. Thus, in a possible emergency the house number lights can help to find a building as quickly as possible. But it does not always have to be an emergency. House number lights also facilitate the work of taxi drivers or delivery companies.

House number lights and their degree of protection

Since house number lights are exposed to a variety of weather conditions, they should have a corresponding degree of protection. Basically house number lights are therefore outdoor lights and should therefore have at least the degree of protection IP 44, to be protected from splashes of water and objects greater than one millimeter.

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