How do I use modern wall lights in different rooms?

“Modern” means a lot. It can designate a style of furnishing as well as a lighting technique or – an attitude towards life! Sounds too high? Well, with modern wall sconces, everything actually comes together somehow. Because what makes a sconce modern, is not just her opticsbut also theirs lighting technology (or at least the compatibility with modern lighting technology).

Whether in the living room, in the bathroom or in the hallway: Modern wall lights always look good! But not the same in different rooms. The design a modern wall light must to fit the room, In damp rooms such as bathrooms, the necessary degree of protection also limits the choice of luminaire.

Important NOTE: Please always have the installation of your wall lights professionally carried out by a qualified electrician!

In the living room

Look what I have new! “, You say and lead your guest into the living room. Where else, because here is modern living. Is there new light trends, they are usually used in the living room first and foremost. Or would you know a better place to show that you are using your modern one Wooden wall light or Concrete wall light are very trendy?

Modern wall lights are not only used for prestige. They take care of area lighting (in spotlight form) or alternatively for a support of the General lighting (with indirect luminaires). But also purely for the beautiful ambiance Modern wall luminaires are used (eg with structured light with luminaires radiating upwards and downwards).

In the hallway and staircase

It is not much space in such a corridor (mostly). Maybe it’s not so narrow that you have to push yourself through it, but a wall lamp that protrudes so far that you have to dodge it is definitely out of place!

That is why in the hallway modern wall lights with LED lighting technology and flat profile used. And they too can look really chic – and somehow, too futuristic, Because most of the time you are still used to the bulky light bulbs. A lamp in which the Lighting technology virtually “invisible” is, it looks really modern!

In the bathroom

There are in the bathroom some restrictions in terms of wall sconces selection. Modern wall lights for the bathroom are usually in the category mirror lighting, with closed acrylic shade and chrome frame, for example.

Why so restricted? Well, because there is nothing more dangerous than open bulbs in a chic, but completely unprotected modern wall light, when used in the damp room. Because Electricity and water make a life-threatening combination! In the bathroom lights must be certain of protection to be used in different areas of protection. Your electrician knows about it.

Which lighting technology makes wall luminaires modern?

There you have it: a modern look, consisting of valuable material. But what makes a modern wall light really modern? The lighting technology. And here leads to the LED lighting technology no way over.

With LED lights one distinguishes between two uses this lighting technique: firmly installed or by exchangeable bulb,

Permanently installed LEDs in modern wall lights

Permanently installed LED lighting technology is not interchangeable. It does not have to be, because the LEDs last many, many years. This is one Lamp replacement no longer necessary, Another big advantage: Built-in LED lighting technology allows extraordinary reduced forms, For example, completely flat profiles. Because the lighting technology is compact,

Replaceable LED bulbs for your modern wall lights

The real highlight! Imagine you have found the most beautiful wall sconce, but without LED lighting technology. Then you have the opportunity to do this retrofit, How it works? Very easily by lamp exchange, So just as you would replace any other bulbs. Unscrew the old halogen or energy-saving lamp and screw in an LED lamp (with matching socket). Already use your favorite wall lamp in modern style with modern LED lighting technology.

Why should you use LED in modern wall lights?

Because the lighting technology …

  • up to 90% Energy and costs opposite the light bulb saves
  • up to Holds for 000 hours and thus less garbage produced and maintenance-free is
  • immediately 100% light delivers and no start-up times needed
  • most beautiful light allows for living rooms and study
  • (such engineering marvel how smart home lighting makes possible)

Are modern wall lights dimmable?

Pretty modern, such a dimmable lighting, right? Or is this more standard for you, because you are not used to anything from your wall lights with incandescent or halogen lamps?

But you can save all the questions about the installation of dimmers – with the simplest dimming technique our time: the EasyDim-Technology. The name already says it: Dimming is easy here.

What that means exactly:

  • The complete Dimming technology is installed with the light bulb (as a separate lamp or as part of the permanently installed LEDs).
  • It will no external dimmers
  • Nor do you need a rotary switch or similar to start the dimming process.
  • Instead, turn off the light over the normal light switch in quick succession, off and on again.
  • The continuous dimming process starts now automatically,
  • Press the switch twice and the light will remain on the brightness you want like the best,

That is not enough for you? Then you are ready for the next step – the step towards smart home lighting! Screw a smart home bulb into your modern wall sconces, launch the app, network your lights and fixtures. Dimming, let the light change color.

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