How to Build a Box Spring

Beds: box spring beds

Boxspring beds are becoming popular. In most cases, these consist of three parts, the sprung frame, the mattress and the so-called topper. In contrast to the likewise very popular futon beds, upholstered beds, water beds and functional beds, box spring beds are significantly higher and therefore often referred to as American beds. They offer numerous advantages and we are available in different versions.

What should I look for when buying a box spring bed?

1. The size

The size of a bed must fit perfectly with the personal requirements. For an individual, a model of 90 × 200 cm or 100 × 200 cm is usually sufficient. On the other hand, a couple should choose a slightly wider bed. Here a width of 140 cm to 180 cm is a good choice. Which variant is ultimately chosen depends on the personal needs and the physical size of the two persons. Some manufacturers also offer special dimensions.

2. The degree of hardness

Also, the degree of hardness plays a very important role in the choice of a bed. It is given in H1 (very soft) to H5 (extremely strong). The abbreviations H1 to H5 are not standardized and may therefore vary from model to model.

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