How to Choose Under Bar LED Strip Lighting

Led light bar – Led light bar is split into versatile led light and led exhausting light two, the distinction is as follows. Versatile led light bar is to make use of FPC to make mounting playing cards, with SMD led mounting. The thickness of the product is only a coin thickness, no house; Common specs are 30cm lengthy 18 led, 24 led and 50cm lengthy 15 led, 24 led, 30 led and so forth. It’s 60cm, 80cm, and so on. Completely different customers have totally different specs. And might be arbitrarily lower. May occur to be expanded and light just isn’t affected. The FPC materials is mushy, might be bent, folded and wound. Will be moved in three-dimensional house and telescopically and never destroyed.


Appropriate for irregular locations and little house to make use of, but additionally due to its arbitrary bending and winding. Appropriate for any mixture of ads in quite a lot of ornamental patterns. Onerous led light bar is product of PCB exhausting card mounting board, led, led meeting, but additionally helpful in-line led mounting, relying on the necessity for various elements. The benefits of the exhausting candle led light bar are comparatively simple to repair, processing and set up is extra handy; The drawback just isn’t free to bend, not appropriate for irregular locations. 12 led, 30 led, 36 led, 40 led and so forth quite a lot of specs; With straight by means of leds have 18, 24, 36, 48 and different totally different specs, that’s additionally a optimistic facet.


Led light beam set up and every day use of the seven factors observe: First, versatile led light bar is an digital precision product. In storage, dealing with, delivery on the street doesn’t order a robust product disassembly must be cautious to not put, not robust transfer. Led merchandise are extremely delicate to static electrical energy. For set up course of, make sure you stop static electrical energy. Don’t use nails or sharp to carry the led floor. Second, the led light bar can’t be linked on to 110V or 220V use. In any other case it is going to burn, the light should use a separate energy provide, energy provide in keeping with using the full energy and connection size to be set.

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