Illuminated furniture – Ambiance thanks to LEDs

Light fascinates people – it can be so multi-layered and colorful and arouse emotions in us. In the nightclub it suggests that we should have fun and calls for dancing. When wellness calm us soft color changes. Even furniture that changes the color has long been more than a trend and no longer show only in elaborately designed lounges, as colored light provides an appealing ambience.

In modern interiors, innovative lighting approaches play an important role in perfectly setting up contemporary furniture and home textiles. After all, differently positioned and intensity-controllable lighting solutions in different colors have an extremely effective effect on personal moods and the feel-good character of a room. Many modern LED lamps also allow a continuous mix of different color components via a special control, so that light mood can be combined to your own taste. Modern LED furniture such as tables and stools by, for example, Moree with a light emitted from the inside create atmosphere, because the light is not only colored and glare-free, but also stages the respective piece of furniture as a design object and a cool eye-catcher in the room.

Provide the right ambience with luminous LED furniture at all times

Your own four walls today meet different requirements that go far beyond eating and sleeping. After all, the home is in an increasingly stressful time and a pole of recovery and a place to recharge your batteries. In addition, the living room is also becoming more and more a chill out area for a cozy get-together with family members, relatives and friends. What used to be the so-called home bar or the party cellar is nowadays implemented in the middle of the living room with matching furniture and atmospheric lighting. A clever selection of suitable furniture creates a furnishing solution that works equally well during the day and on long evenings: LED furniture is an exciting way to transform living room furniture that appears in modern white colors into lounge furniture with different colors after dark. An elegant lounge table can be easily combined with friends or colleagues for a cozy evening out with similarly bright seating, such as a LED stool or a luminous seat cube. It should be noted that futuristic lighting furniture usually comes into effect when it is dispensed with over-decoration in the room. Comparable to the furnishing styles of bars, clubs and representative company headquarters, LED furniture is particularly impressive in a private context, as it illuminates bare surfaces such as wood, concrete and masonry with its light. The functioning of the light furniture for home use is ensured due to the long-lasting bulbs without replacement. These are completely safe and waterproof inside the LED stools and cube installed, so that many a table or stool is also easily used outdoors. While most of the furniture that can be used outdoors has an integrated rechargeable battery, the fixtures that are firmly fixed to a place in the interior are usually permanently connected to the power supply via a cable. For models with a rechargeable battery, the many advantages of LEDs come into their own, because of the low energy consumption and the long battery life.

Outside and inside: illuminated furniture is an eye-catcher

If you want to set up a modern lounge table on the terrace and at the same time provide the right party lighting, simply use the practical combination of both needs in the form of innovative lighting furniture: Not only do you save unnecessary installation work, you also create a lounge Tables, cube seating or other design elements such as by moree also an interior and exterior device that allows you to create the perfect light for changing moods at different times. Make a splash of bold red for exuberant flair, make creamy white for elegance in the evening cocktail. Illuminated blue furniture gives a cool setting on a warm summer night.

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