Indirect Lighting Ideas Using LED Strip Lights

LED pedestal lights: durable and efficient

The garden is the figurehead of a home and often the pride of a homeowner. In order for the outdoor area to be effective at night as well, a well thought-out lighting concept is advisable, which is tailored to the lighting requirements of the residents of the house. This concept can be realized by different outdoor lights, which may include, among others, LED pedestal lights. Light accents in the garden with LED pedestal lights Cleverly placed LED pedestal lights not only look very decorative, but also contribute to safety. Their light draws attention at twilight and darkness on steps and landings and therefore reduces the risk of stumbling. In addition, with LED pedestal lights wonderful light accents can be set – on beds or to emphasize individual plants.

LED pedestal lights with remote control

Particularly comfortable are LED pedestal lights with remote control and color change function. With the remote control you can choose individual colors as you like and thus create different lighting moods. If it is not fixed, but portable LED pedestal lights, so you can use them flexibly. On the other hand, if they are stationary LED pedestal luminaires, they are predominantly installed on stone or concrete bases. Thus, they take on a representative function, because they are clearly perceived by passers-by or visitors. Because they are operated with long-life LEDs (light emitting diodes), they can fulfill this representative function for a relatively long time. The LEDs are also very robust and efficient. LED pedestal lights are part of the outdoor lights and are therefore exposed to various weather conditions: heat, freezing or wet. Therefore, you should pay attention to the purchase of LED pedestal lights on a sufficient degree of protection. Sufficient safety exists from protection level IP44. With it, the respective outdoor lamp is protected against possible splash water and foreign bodies, which are larger than 1 millimeter. The abbreviation “IP” stands for “Ingress Protection”.

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