Indoor plants decoration for the Advanced

Room plants are regarded for decades as a good way to make a room revived and alive look. Anyone who has the opportunity, you Carefully select and maintain in the coming years, in order to achieve a large optical value. However, on what aspects, in this project, to achieve the desired result?

The site aimed to select

Depending on the size of room plants should be in a Central, but not to Intrusive body placed in the room. It is not only the visual effect on the room should include the major criteria of selection. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the demands of the plants themselves. Anyone who decides to visit a dealer, can win over the label’s Central insights. So popular exotics, such as the Flamingo flower or Tillandsie love a higher humidity combined with high temperature. Blazing sun can cause you, however, after a short time of damage. Other specimens like it, meanwhile, is hot and dry, therefore very different demands on their owners.

In some cases, will offer the opportunity to move houseplants in the summer months outside. Thus, it is an opportunity to make the outdoor area appear more lively. Green are the current Trends – who the Green space decide, to its peculiarities.

Useful or easy to care for?

Indoor plants are able to meet special requirements. Some varieties have a positive effect on the indoor climate as they contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the air. Just Jasmine, bow hemp, or Aloe Vera to enjoy a special privilege, as indoor plants and be maintained. Undemanding these plants, however, are not.

The Elephant’s Foot

Those who wish to avoid the challenge of care, is able to draw on some of the genera, which are considered to be undemanding. The elephant’s foot, which primarily requires heat, and sunlight. In order to ensure the receipt of up to a Meter high Plant, it should be alone, protected from draughts, and not-too-strong cast. In order to meet the expectations of many people who like to put on the decorative Element, without having to back into it.

The Rubber Tree

Debate, meanwhile, about the appearance of a rubber tree, especially in the 1970s, in every apartment to find. Undemanding, this plant is presented. A balmy temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and a bit of sun light is enough for your receipt. Who immersed the entire pot for a few seconds in the water and wait until no air bubbles to rise more, can provide for optimal irrigation.

The right care

Those who are not with a green thumb was born, should in the run-up to the one or the other thoughts to the care of the plants make. Only then is it possible to count on for years to their own room decoration. Centrally located, the watering of the plants at regular intervals. Quantity and frequency are predetermined by the claims of the genus. In addition, the room should be plants included in the dust to wipe. While in the wild due to Wind and low no layer of dust can result in shock, does it affect indoor plants are a negative. The energy metabolism, which is heavily dependent on the leaves, subsequently suffers heavily under the thin layer. Proper care includes, in addition, a shallow Spray of leaves, to be able to as natural conditions as possible.

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