Jewels for cozy islands of light: modern floor lamps

The fact is: Not every modern floor lamp can do it all. But there are really many different models with them different features and styles. Conversely, this means: First, you should consider what you expect from your modern floor lamp and then you should search specifically. Would you like to make yourself comfortable, for example, with a book, illuminate your home office or do some tinkering with the children? You can just as well create beautiful islands of light with modern floor lamps and structure the space in an appealing way. Your imagination is the limit.

What types of modern floor lamps are there anyway?

You can divide roughly as follows:

    • Classic floor lamps: consist of a foot, a straight frame and in most cases a screen. But there are also models that can do without, because the lamps are already installed playfully in the frame. Classic floor lamps are used to structure the space and create beautiful islands of light.
    • Arc lamps: have – as the name suggests – a curved frame. The foot is simply draped under the sofa and the light can be comfortably shined on the sofa landscape.
    • Deckenfluter: flood the ceiling with light – in this they are different from ordinary floor lamps. With a bright ceiling, the light is then distributed particularly beautifully and gently throughout the room. And especially for reading most ceiling washlights also have an extra reading light on a flexible arm in the luggage. Very convenient.
    • Tripodleuchten: are different than the other lights. Like a camera tripod they stand on three legs – and carry a variety of umbrellas. For example, fabric frames with wooden frames fit perfectly with the popular Hygge style.

Which bulbs belong in the modern floor lamp?

Please do not say: a light bulb. Or a halogen lamp. Did not you want it? Very well. Because the modern LED technology is known to have many benefits. That makes the choice easy of course:

      • Save money and protect the environment
      • 80-90% less energy consumption than with the light bulb
      • 50 times longer life
      • Up to 50,000 hours of pure light
      • Excellent heat management and therefore durability

Tip: Many modern LED floor lamps are the Illuminant already firmly installed today. But if you have a floor lamp with socket, you can also easily convert to LED, Simply replace the old bulbs with LED bulbs with the matching socket.

Are modern floor lamps dimmable?

That would really be a thing if there were no dimmable floor lamps! Finally, make the room really comfortable. Since a dimming function is not exactly counterproductive. To make sure that you really get a dimmable model, you should use the Filter in the shop prioritize it. You can choose “dimmer” or “touch dimmer” – also super practical.

For which rooms are modern floor lamps suitable?

There you are completely free. Whether in the Living room, dining room, bedroom, hall, work or children’s room, Modern floor lamps in appealing designs just always look good. Tip: In very small rooms, because they require some space on the floor, they are less recommendable, as well as in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. Because floor lamps with IP protection are comparatively rare.

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