LED outdoor lights for garden and yard

LED outdoor lights are on the rise. They have many advantages. They are virtually maintenance-free, consume relatively little energy and have an enormous lifespan. LEDs last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. That corresponds to ten years of continuous operation. These advantages predestine LED outdoor luminaires for installation in inaccessible places, for example as court light high up on the house wall or as recessed luminaires in sidewalks or ponds. LED lights of any kind are becoming increasingly popular and are now available in numerous construction variants.

Safe and economical exterior lighting with LED path lights

Pathway lights are generally a great way to safely light up yard entrances, driveways or parking lots. They are not as tall as pole lights, but not as low as pedestal lights. The light of a path lamp falls approximately from a height of 1 to 1.5 meters on the surface to be illuminated. It is important that the light of the respective path light does not dazzle and shines best on the path or space. This is the responsibility of optical systems, which are built into the lamp head and ensure the steering of the light. Many path lights are equipped with halogen or compact fluorescent lamps. However, LED street lights are particularly economical. The small LEDs last about 30,000 to 50,000 hours and are thus very low maintenance. Their power consumption is limited to a fraction of what conventional bulbs consume.

Useful helpers: motion detectors

Since LEDs are switch resistant and do not mind frequent switching on and off, LED path lights are perfect for equipping them with a motion detector. The motion detector ensures that the light in the outdoor area of ??the house only comes on when it is really needed. If an LED way light has a motion detector, it should also have a twilight sensor, because this is responsible for the fact that the light is “armed” switched. If the brightness falls below a certain level, the motion detector becomes active and reacts to movements.

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