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LED outdoor lights  to Transform
Your Space

LED outdoor lights  to Transform Your Space

LED outdoor lights – not using them, wastes money and time

Gone are the days when every few weeks you have screwed on its outdoor wall light to change the once again broken light bulb. Gone are the days when the operation of a 40-watt bulb on the façade costs as much as a good meal for two. Because today you can illuminate both outside and inside with LED.

LED outdoor lights Offer:

    • high energy savings: 90% saving compared to the light bulb at the same brightness
    • long lifetime: maintenance-free operation for up to 50,000 hours
    • immediately 100% brightness: important for motion detectors and burglary protection
    • high switching resistance: frequent on and off, z. As in passes, is not a problem

Which protection class does my LED outdoor light require?

LED outdoor lighting must be able to do a lot: mosquitoes are aware of the glowing something. Snails crawl over the ground spike light. rain patters mercilessly on the stainless steel case. Or the path lamp will be under one meter overnight snow buried.

Especially the humidity sets to many outdoor lights. however not in every place on the property to the same extent, A covered outdoor wall light may rarely come in contact with water. A pond light, however, constantly.

Depending on the location, different types of IP protection are available () required, Often used is IP44 with protection against foreign bodies> = 1mm and protection against sprayed water. Pond lights on the other hand need IP68, dustproof and protected against permanent submersion. Many recessed ground luminaires use IP67 – here one assumes a temporary immersion in heavy rain. In the lamp world product details you will find it in the Line “Degree of protection”,

Exactly what types of protection mean is explained in our table:

Digit IPX4 Protection against foreign bodies
0 No protection
1 Protected against solid foreign bodies ? 50 mm
2 Protected against solid foreign bodies ? 12.5 mm
3 Protected against solid foreign bodies ? 2.5 mm
4 Protected against solid foreign bodies ? 1 mm
5 dust protected
6 dustproof

Digit IP4X Protection against moisture
0 No protection
1 Protected against vertically falling dripping water
2 Protected against diagonally falling dripping water
3 protected against water spray
4 protected against splashing water
5 protected against water jets
6 protected against strong jet water
7 protected against temporary submersion
8th protected against permanent submersion

How much watt does my outdoor LED light require?

Due to the different light output (ratio of absorbed energy and produced light) and processing quality of LEDs gives the Energy consumption in watts today no information about the brightness a light source. Today, the lumen value is taken as a reference (found in the product details of each outdoor LED light and LED bulb).

A Practically used LED outdoor light, So a wall lamp, path lamp or an outdoor ceiling light, should 500-1000 lumens Provide brightness. Due to the different energy efficiency of a light source is about 7-15 watts consumed. For comparison: An incandescent lamp would consume about 40-75 watts for this purpose. A huge one potential savings!

There are no guidelines for deco lights for outdoor use. They shine so bright that the light is on beautiful light ambience generated. In general, these are 10-20 lumens at a power consumption 1 watt, Due to the very low energy consumption LED outdoor decorative lights are often used with solar energy fed. That means: no electricity costs!

What types of outdoor LED lights are there?

If you illuminate your property with LED outdoor lights, you do not have to do without a single type of luminaire: They are all with LED! And who is missing a product, for example. B. in a special style, the screws into a conventional lamp with socket a suitable LED lamp, Already all advantages of the LED technology can be used.

    • Like conventional wall luminaires, outdoor LED wall luminaires are often equipped with a housing stainless steel This robust material is optimally suited for outdoor use in addition to high-quality plastics. High quality branded wall sconces with sensor technology there are z. From Steinel.
    • LED road lights have conventional road lights ahead that the compact lighting technology completely new designs allows. Some LED road lights z. B. are very flat, as it would never have been possible with a light bulb. But also classic-looking designs can be with modern LEDs There are very attractive combinations, among others, from Philips in the “Robin” product line.
    • LED spotlights provide good visibility on the driveway – and with significant less energy consumption as a conventional spotlight. On brand names such. B. Osram you can always trust here.
    • LED recessed lights stage courtyards or building facades and provide a decisive advantage: By the long-lasting light technology You do not have to worry about fiddling the bulb out of the recessed ground light for many years.
    • Outdoor ceiling lights with LED lighting technology are like the conventional variants z. B. used on the covered terrace. Again, it is proven best light quality completely worry-free from light source change to enjoy.
    • Countless decorative lights with LED for outdoor use today no electricity The low energy consumption makes one Operation with solar energy or with battery possible. The decorative lights include, for example, beautiful fairy lights or flexible light tubes. Many decorative items also have one RGB color changeFunction, which can be attached to the light or per remote Control can be controlled.