LED pendant lights – modern and energy-saving

Housing lights, which are suspended from the ceiling in contrast to ceiling lights, are commonly referred to as pendant lights. Suspended luminaires with height-adjustable suspension can be individually adapted to the room conditions. A characteristic of suspended luminaires is that they create a particularly homely light. Hanging lamps are still very popular and quite rightly so. Wherever general lighting is indispensable, suspended luminaires, also known as pendant lights, provide a basic illumination of the room: in the hall or hall, living room, bedroom, children’s room, dining room, office, kitchen and bathroom.

The LED hanging lamp – latest technology also in the form of a pendant lamp

The small light-emitting diodes, which were first industrially manufactured a few decades ago and became known as LED lamps in various colors, are now being used in suspended luminaires since they have also been available in white light for several years. LED pendant luminaires are not only equipped with state-of-the-art technology on the inside, but also often look modern and puristic in their external appearance.

An important advantage of the LED pendant lamp is its extremely low power consumption. With its long service life of 35,000 hours, the LED lamp is currently one of the most economical light sources.

But not only practical aspects in the choice of the right suspension lamp play a role. They also reflect the personal taste and lifestyle of the residents. In our online shop you will find hanging lamps, also as LED pendant lights, in various designs, suitable for any style of furnishing.

LED pendant lights for general lighting

Like other pendant luminaires, LED pendant luminaires are often used for the general lighting of a room. Since they are suspended from the ceiling, the light of the LED pendant lights – unlike LED ceiling lights – z. B. targeted to a dining room table or a living room table on which you want to perform certain activities, such. Eating, reading the newspaper, making crafts or organizing a game night. An LED pendant light can help.

For every taste: LED pendant lights in various designs

So that each room can be illuminated with an LED pendant light and every individual taste can be served, there are LED hanging lamps in many different colors, designs. With a noble LED pendant light you can illuminate a modern furnished living room, a funny and colorfully decorated LED pendant light illuminates the nursery, and a slightly simpler LED pendant light can be hung in the kitchen or the hallway.

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