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LED table lamps – Modern living is on the table

LED technology, The future, but also already present the modern lighting technology. It helps us, not just electricity and To save moneybut also something good for the environment to do. So what if you were using this modern technology with a true one? classic under the lights, the table lamp would connect? Right! It would come out a lamp that just thrilled. The best light for his field lighting gives – on the desk or the side table next to the cozy armchair for reading. And not just in a variety of cool and trendy designs and styles, but still provided with modern technology that scores just on the whole line. Which light we speak of? Well, it is clear: the LED Table Lamp!

What does a modern LED table lamp look like?

All LED table lamps are really modern – and above all in one thing. And not necessarily in their design. But much more in the lighting technology that is in them. Because this is without exception modern LED technology, Either as permanently installed LED boards or as exchangeable bulbs, so-called. retrofits, which are included with the lamp. Otherwise, a modern LED table lamp can look very different in design. She can be very noble in the classic robe come along. But also in the Scandinavian or industrial. And of course in the modern design – is also easy to use with modern technology. LED table lamps in modern designs usually have permanently installed LEDs. They have a reduced design and a clear line. The functional is often – especially in the desk lamps – in front of the decorative.

Are there LED table lamps with USB connection?

The joyful answer is: yes, they exist! Luckily. Because we only imagine the following completely tricky situation. We are sitting at the desk. We really only have around us a socket, But exactly two things that we would definitely like to plug into this socket – because without it is not at the desk. On the one hand: the table lamp, Without them, it gets very dark very quickly.

Do LED table lamps have a color change function?

Yes, they do. But: not all, Because if the new LED table lamp offers you this nice feature or not, is very strong depending on model, If you already have a specific luminaire in your selection and you want to know if it can also glow green, red and blue, then just have a look item Description daily. Or in the product details just make sure that there is “light color – multicolour”. That’s when you usually answered your question very quickly.

The service a table lamp with color change function? Very easy! In general, this is easily done via the supplied remote Control or – even more modern – via your own mobile phone and a app, Especially popular here are e.g. Philips Hue products, Try Philips Hue Living Colors!

Are there any LED table lamps that you can dim?

Yes, but there are. And they are just super handy, Believe us. Read a little more? Sure, then we just let the light get a bit brighter. Oh, but rather a more relaxing light. Then just dimming down a bit. As? Well, e.g. about the super practical Touchdimmer directly on the lamp itself.

Whether the table lamp is dimmable, which you have in the narrower selection in your shopping cart, you can easily find out in the respective product details, Stand there “Dimmable – Yes” you can actually dimming it funny. Prerequisite: the luminaire has permanently installed LED technology. Or – if this is not the case – you screw in a dimmable LED lamp.

Are there LED table lamps with rechargeable batteries?

The table lamp. A pretty cool and pretty easy way, nice field lighting to get into his four walls. Because they are available in a variety of designs and – in contrast to pendant lights, wall sconces & Co. – you can easily into the next socket stuck. But what if we were to tell you now: Exactly this socket you no longer need for your new LED table lamp. Because it works even more practical, more comfortable. Would you not believe us? But you can be quiet. Because modern LED table lamps are nowadays not only with plug for the socket, but also with integrated battery,

It makes the whole thing a bit easier and more comfortable than it already is. Because then you can really make your LED table lamp Take with you anywhere you want, For some models even after outside – here just the right one protection respect, think highly of. How long the table lamp shines comes down to it model on. From 3 hours to 15 hours everything can be there. And if the battery but then weakens once, the light is simply back on their USB port charged.

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