Living by the sea: Nautical decoration and interior design ideas

Why wander into the distance … and not the distance, the sea, the noise to bring in your own four walls? For all, who want to stay at home this summer or just want to unwind, we explain on this page the nauticaal living style and show the most beautiful and unusual maritime decoration ideas!

Nautical color palette: blue and white

The favorite colors of nautical decoration are blue and white. Blue, the dark and cool color, creates a sense of calm and relaxation. White, the brightest of all colors, looks elegant, sometimes cool, sometimes delicate, depending on the shade. With maritime decoration, blue and white are an inseparable pair. The desire for martial decoration has also been aroused in the community. The maritime colors meet on pillows, blankets, covers and curtains in white and blue. In addition to textiles, porcelain is also popular as a nautical decoration. Painted vases or cans set beautiful accents and make the holiday flair perfect.

Nautical decoration with onion pattern

The keyword white-blue porcelain, especially a pattern may not be missing: the onion pattern. This pattern, which does not contain onions, but flowers, fruits and branches, is one of the most famous patterns of porcelain history. There should have been role models in the early Ming period. The onion pattern found its way to us especially on Meissen porcelain. Because of its color scheme, the onion pattern can be perfectly integrated into maritime decoration, for example as a wall decoration: The plates with white-blue decor look like filigree works of art on the wall! The Toile de Jouy motif is also popular with the maritime decoration. The famous design dates back to the French Baroque period and was originally found on fabrics – hence the name Toile de Jouy. The characteristic motif shows detailed scenes with tendrils around them. Today it is found next to textiles, clothing and wallpaper.

Maritime motifs: sea creatures and harbor scenarios

Not only the color is decisive in the maritime living style. Even with the typical motifs of the sea, the holiday feeling can be fetched into your own four walls: Prints with fish, ships or seagulls immediately call the sound of the waves by the sea in your head. On textiles, for example pillows or kitchen towels, or in the form of an old painting from the flea market, maritime flair quickly sets in.

Home accessories for the nautical living style

Nautical decoration is most beautiful, even if it comes from the sea: finds from the last holiday can be arranged in bowls or terrariums or staged as mobile on the wall. Ropes, nets, dark bentwood or washed out driftwood, sponges, sand and of course shells are great eye-catchers from nature! But beware – decorate everything in moderation, otherwise it will quickly become cheesy. To make the maritime living style still modern, you should combine the accessories fresh colors such as sun yellow or a lush green and individual, modern home accessories. This creates contrasts that make the style exciting! On this page you will find many design ideas in the nautical style – let yourself be inspired

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