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Living ideas in Scandinavian design

Living ideas in Scandinavian design

The Scandinavian style of living is currently one of the most popular interior design styles in this country. Reduced, minimalist, modern and flexible. Scandinavian design quotes nature at every turn, using organic forms and the materials wood, fur and wool. Living in Scandinavia means simply living, comfortable, individual and sustainable. Because this not only fits in big cities, the popularity of Scandinavian design is also growing beyond the city limits. On this page we explain how the Scandinavian style of living works and which furniture and home accessories are best used to create Scandinavian furniture.

Scandinavian design: lots of white and light sources

In the north, people like to dress in fresh colors; best with lots of white to counteract the darkness. Because the winters in Scandinavia last longer and are darker, the (artificial) light in the home plays a big role. The aim is to capture the sun’s rays through the architecture and strengthen it with white and bright living colors. Lamps and candles are harmonious light sources that create a feel-good atmosphere. A luminous classic, for example, is the foliate pendant lamp Norm 69 by Simon Karkov. The purposefully created interspaces make them a donor of warm light that illuminates every room in a pleasant way.

Scandinavian design: inspirations from nature

Nature is also a great role model for Scandinavian design, as forests, rivers, fjords and lakes define large parts of the region. Local woods as materials, but also organic forms are therefore preferred by the Scandinavians: In combination with white the furnishing looks uncomplicated, charming and timeless. Wooden floorboards or wood-paneled walls provide comfort and warmth without being cheesy.

Scandinavian design: form follows function

Another maxim of Scandinavian design is that the form follows the function, and is thus based entirely on the principles of the Bauhaus. But despite the clear, no frills design, the human being with his requirements for the furniture always in view – and should be able to afford this. Very nice, the Scandinavians