Living room wall lighting ideas: ways to brighten your space

If opulent designs – a là Lüster – do not play a major role as a guaranteed eye-catcher, recessed wall lights could be your thing. They are purely visually the exact opposite, but offer many convincing advantages. Wall people:

  • are true space saver – They close almost flush with the wall into which they are embedded
  • take care of one great light atmosphere – because the luminaire body itself is visually in the background and leaves the light the star appearance
  • donate pleasant light and fit in perfectly modern living spaces
  • unite puristic look With functionality
  • are a popular type of lighting for indoor and outdoor use – for the latter is to a reasonable IP protection to pay attention (details follow below)

Tip: Gladly wall recessed spotlights as orientation light in narrow corridors used. So the tight space is not further cropped – a pleasant and even lighting you can still create.

Which types of installation are there with recessed wall spotlights?

They think it’s great, like save space Wall recessed spotlights are? We too, because they need There is almost no space outside the wall, But there is something to keep in mind with this type of luminaire: it must be sunk. This means she needs some space in the wall, And it is not as easy to install as an ordinary ceiling light. Best ask the Electrician of your confidence for support – and give him the practical assembly Instructions, which is enclosed with each recessed wall light, with the hand.

But you are still curious how wall recessed spotlights are mounted? All right, that’s the way it will be Flush-mounted boxes, installation boxes and cavity sockets used.

Tip: How much space you need to plan in the wall, take the product details, There you will find information about Installation depth and installation diameter,

Is a transformer required for recessed wall luminaires?

If the recessed wall spotlights not directly operated with 230 volts will, then yes. In this case, you must make sure during installation that Space for a transformer (transformer) or a power adapter is left. But there are also recessed wall lights, the directly with 230 volts operate. Or shine, the one LED driver have installed. In these cases, no transformer is needed.

How do I use recessed wall lights for the stairs?

An even, warm, pleasant light that will turn your stairs into one appealing atmosphere dives and for one safe step provides. Can you imagine that? Then go ahead, consider this: To illuminate stairs or steps, the recessed wall lights should at low altitude above the steps be installed. Depending on the light are 20 – 50 cm above the steps optimal on the wall. So will be later nobody blinded by the light,

The advantages of staircase lighting with recessed wall spotlights:

    • possible danger zones are made well visible
    • the architecture is highlighted atmospherically
    • a pleasant Wohngefühl you are so sure

What should be considered for the bathroom and the outdoor area?

There is no reason to miss wall-mounted housekeeping house arrest. Because in the garden around the house fit just as well. There is only one thing to remember: you need models with an adequate IP degree of protection, From IP44 are you for the outdoors good at it. This protects your luminaire against foreign bodies larger than one millimeter and also against splash,

For the bathroom or other wet areas – for example, the spa temple with sauna – also applies: Please think of an adequate IP degree of protection. However, it is a bit more complicated. Because for the bathroom they are Safety regulations of DIN VDE 0100 Part 701 to take into account. After that it will be Bathroom divided into protection areas and zonesthat require different types of IP protection and safety extra-low voltages. But in detail you do not have to know all that. Because you should install the recessed wall lights in any case left to an experienced electrician, Especially where it can get wet and wet, especially. Because your safety comes first!

Are wall recessed spotlights controlled by switches?

There are a few few recessed wall lights, the directly by switch to be served. However, in most cases it is like that Recessed spotlights centrally switched become.

Are there wall recessed spotlights with motion detectors?

You would like it if the light is always on when you come around the corner? For example, with a tray of delicious food in hand. Or with your laptop and a few books. Then you have, of course no hand free to feel for the light switch, On motion detector gladly takes over for you. The good news: Wall lights can very easily connected via external motion detectors become.

Do wall-mounted lamps with LED technology work?

Recessed wall luminaires with modern LED technology are even particularly popular. This often gives you the opportunity also colored accents to set – for great moods and light scenarios. But quite apart from that is generally true: LED is the best solution in lighting. The convincing advantages at a glance:

      • In comparison to lightbulbs save 90% energy, in comparison to halogen lamp 60%
      • They may approach each other maintenance-free technology delight
      • LED bulbs and lights have one Life of up to 50,000 hours
      • Modern LED technology stands for very durable bulbs
      • Directly when switching reach LEDs 100 percent brightness
      • Compact designs are the radiant result of modern LED technology

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