Makeup Mirrors with lights That Catch An Eye

This is really irreplaceable for women in the bathroom

An invigorating shower, the care of the skin and the styling of the hair: With these three steps, the morning routine of the style-conscious woman is not complete yet. Only the right make-up completes the feminine look. So that the decorative cosmetics are completely convincing, the right make-up light is just as relevant as the functionally thought-through mirror.

Ideal equipment for the perfect look

It is not just a pleasure to emphasize the individual beauty with the make-up, blush and lipstick to match the outfit. Women also enjoy the practical benefits of cosmetics, which can also be gallantly retouched for a short night. Accurate results come first.

If the daily shoe presses on the make-up on top of that go quickly on the hand. For the desire for perfection as well as for the fast results high quality equipment in the bathroom is of great importance.


Of course, the bathroom lighting in the private wellness oasis should contribute to the pleasant ambience. When applying make-up, however, brightness is a prerequisite for a perfect make-up. Therefore, it is advisable to use atmospheric general lighting, which is complemented by a specific make-up light. Sensible are separately controllable wall lights on the make-up mirror, which are expertly equipped with the appropriate light sources.

As hindering as a dim light is a too bright atmosphere with a cool to bluish undertone. Even after a dreamy beauty sleep the face looks so pale by too much or wrong light that automatically gets too deep into the paint pot. It is precisely this misjudgment that women want to avoid when making up-to-date make-up. Ideal is therefore a bright warm white, which corresponds to a light temperature of 3,000 Kelvin.

Flexible accessories for the relaxed cosmetics session

The primer can be applied in front of the large vanity mirror in the bathroom without problems. At the latest when filigree eyeliner or precise definition with the lip-pencil reveal the functional limits of classic bathroom fittings.

For most women, artistic exercises are well known to approach the mirror image beyond the washbasin. This athletic insert is a thing of the past when the setting is complemented by first-class design objects. Decor Walther presents a chrome vanity mirror, which is mounted on the wall. With movable elements and a safety gate, the accessory can be adjusted exactly as you need it.

However, the renowned manufacturer has added even more practical refinements. For a clear view, the beauty mirror is equipped with lighting and enlarges the appearance several times. By no means is the cleverly designed equipment with make-up light only interesting for women. The gentlemen of the house will quickly discover the upgrade in the bathroom and use it while shaving.

As a versatile addition to offer a hand model of the exclusive series. This beauty mirror with lighting can then be used outside the bathroom when needed and, for example, is extremely practical for looking at the hairstyle from behind.

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