Modern ceiling lights – a no-go, not to
  have them

Modern ceiling lights – a no-go, not to have them

Nothing works without them. Modern ceiling lights are the absolute minimum equipment for every living space. If you have them installed, you have for one sufficient basic lighting taken care of. And can worry-free – with sufficient brightness – to cross the room without stumbling over Juniors toy car. Also for vacuuming, clothes or showers sufficient so-called basic lighting. For special visual tasks like make-up, reading and snipping vegetables then comes in addition the area lighting in the game. But with the right basic brightness using a ceiling light, the lighting design usually begins.

How are modern ceiling lights installed?

That varies depending on the model. But do not worry: with every modern ceiling light you will also get one practical assembly instructions with drawingwho can take all measurements from you. If you follow these instructions step by step, you will not have any problems with the installation. In case of doubt it always makes sense, of course Electrician of trust consulted.

Do modern ceiling lamps work with LEDs?

LED is modern. Consequently, modern ceiling lights work with LED. If that was not the case, they would not have deserved their description. LED is not just that Illuminants of the present and the futurebecause it protects the wallet and the environment. In terms of design as well, this opens up manifold possibilities for the designers. LED is extremely compact and saves space. Thanks to modern LED technology, particularly filigree designs can be easily implemented.

Are modern ceiling lights also dimmable?

Anyone who likes cosiness must be able to dim, of course. The good news: the vast number of modern ceiling lights can also be dimmed. The popular feature is so safe for you with so many lights anyway.

Are there modern ceiling lights with motion detectors?

How practical would you think? The light comes on when you enter the room. Sensors, i. Motion detectors make it possible. So you will not only one special comfort, but also more safety offered. Because annoying keys after the light switch is eliminated as well as sudden tripping over the slippers in the dark. Whether your desired model has a motion detector, you will find in the product details.

For which rooms are modern ceiling lights suitable?

The questions should be: For which rooms are they not suitable? Modern ceiling lights are never out of place in the entire apartment. If Living room, children’s room, bedroom or hallway, A certain basic brightness will always be needed. For the Bathroom and the kitchen There is, however, something to consider. Here the lights should be due to increased humidity with a corresponding protection be equipped. Because water and electricity do not get along well.

Therefore: For the equipment of your wet rooms with lights you should ideally one Consult electricians, This is especially important for the bathroom, where it is important to observe the DIN standard VDE 0100 Part 701, which divides the room into three areas of protection.

What distinguishes the modern style?

Modern ceiling lights have one thing in common: they are extremely straightforward in their appearance and fit very well into a minimalist interior design style. Anyone who prefers a clear design language will surely be able to make out his dream lamp in the world of modern ceiling lamps.

If you want to know it directly, you can read the table below. which kind of protection against exactly what effect shows: