Modern Chests of drawers Ideas To Try

A dresser provides additional storage space and thus creates order. Many models have some drawers or shelves with doors. This allows all items to be stowed properly. Thus, chests of drawers are a practical complement to highboards, lowboards, sideboards and living-room displays. Fresh flowers, pictures, decorative elements and books can be placed on a dresser. It is not only practical, but also has a jewelry value.

Dressers and the different functions

Chests of drawers are available with different functions. For example, they can be used as a make-up table in the bedroom or bathroom. For this they are equipped with a mirror, some practical compartments for the different cosmetics and a suitable lighting. In addition, chests of drawers are also needed in the bedroom to stow clothes that have not fit into the wardrobe, such as underwear or socks.

What materials can a dresser consist of?

Dressers can be made of different materials. Often wood is used for this purpose. However, if pets or children live in the household, perhaps a replica makes sense. This looks very real, but is much cheaper and therefore not so high quality processed. In addition, replicas are much easier to clean. Many dressers are partly made of glass, which makes them look very noble. Although the doors are transparent, the resident can showcase glasses, bowls and various decorative items.

Some chests of drawers are available with pedestals, others with feet. Which version is better in each case depends, among other things, on the space in which the piece of furniture is to be set up. In larger rooms, a model with a pedestal can make sense. If, however, only very little space is available, rather a dresser should be chosen with feet, as it does not seem so bulky.

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