Modern Hanging Lamps  Ideas That Will Inspire You

Not from yesterday: That makes hanging lamps modern

From Outside It is child’s play to recognize a modern suspension lamp. Instinctively you can do the modern design different from traditional. What “modern” in optics means today, read in this guide.

But in a modern hanging lamp is also a lot of modernity in it: in the Lamp, What you need to look out for, you will also find out more in this guide.

What makes a pendant lamp modern?

Modern is simply the opposite of stale. And you can see that every pendant lamp in this category also. The trend is (among others) glass lampshades in bright colors and new shapes as well as pendant lights with striking wooden elements.

In addition, the experienced Bauhaus character his comeback like never before! Suitable for the 100th birthday of the Bauhaus in 2019 purist. functional Pendant lights the Renner. On futuristic Model with striking, z. B. chrome-colored elements, but still a reduced form language own, also count into this trend. And creative designer lights? Consequences of their very own logic.

But one more second feature makes a hanging lamp modern: the lighting technology, Because that is and should inevitably today LED his. LED …

  • saves Cost by a high light output
  • protects the environment through low energy consumption
  • keeps up to 50 times longer than the incandescent lamp
  • is switching stability
  • provides homogeneous, fantastically beautiful light

Tips to choose from Your new favorite light: Put a tick next to “LED” on the “Technology” filter to go straight to finding an LED light. You want to sift through the exciting offer without restriction? With pleasure! And finally, if you have discovered a lamp with sockets that you absolutely want to have, then you can simply equip the luminaire with modern LED lamps. So combine your favorite design with the most advantageous lighting technology on the light bulb market.

How high above the dining table are modern pendant luminaires optimally?

Height-adjustable hanging lamps are quite modern (well, in the past it could be the lights). But many beautiful modern suspension lights are not height adjustable and not intended for that. For example, because they are easy as light-giving room highlights are thought to be simultaneously impressive and to give the room its very own stamp. Such pendant lights, if used above the dining table, you should 80-100 cm above the table top hanging.

That offers enough room over your headwhen you and your guests are sitting opposite each other. And at the same time it is low enough to open the dining table area Center of the room to make – and hide everything else. The kitchenette z. For example, you left all your unwashed dishes on the left.

Are modern hanging lamps height adjustable?

We could now claim that a hanging lamp is especially modern in that it is height adjustable at any time is. But the technology behind it is not that modern at all. It has been around for a long time. Because that one depending on the situation at the dining table (Number of guests, atmosphere to eat or entertain, transformation into a workspace, …) to change the light is not a new wish. But he is just as relevant today as he was in the past! That is why modern pendant lamps, like many classic pendant lamps, are height adjustable – provided that they have the appropriate device feature. Height-adjustable, modern pendant lights can be recognized in the shop by the indication “Is height adjustable: Yes”. So you can see that the selected luminaire has such a device.

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