Nursery Ceiling Lights: The light that makes fun possible

When choosing the right nursery ceiling light play more aspects a role as a color or design. It does not matter if you select the luminaire according to the criterion “boy or girl” during the initial setup or if you replace the old luminaire with a model with motif from the latest animated film: It is always important to look at the best light quality for the nursery to pay attention. What that means, we explain in this guide.

Why is LED for the nursery the best choice?

You should not think about something other than LED in the nursery. Neither with the nursery ceiling light nor with other nursery lights, which are easily accessible for the child. For example, halogen lamps in table lamps often cause burned fingers. Energy-saving lamps are out of the question in the nursery due to the mercury content.

LEDs …

  • take care of optimal light quality (You can find more about choosing the right LED lamp for the nursery below)
  • are mercury
  • are switching stability (if the child plays with the light switch, the lamp does not happen at all)
  • save up also then energywhen the nursery ceiling light glows day and night
  • due to the long life You do not have to be afraid of frequent lamp replacement

How bright must the nursery ceiling light be?

The days in which you have planned so many watts for a room are numbered. For energy efficient bulbs such as the LED bulb, consider the lumen value instead. This one really gives Information about the brightness and not just the energy consumption (watts).

To determine a good room brightness, take the Square meter of the nursery and multiply this by about 140 lumens (Personal chiaroscuro preferences may increase or decrease this value). Then you get the approximate overall brightnessthat your nursery ceiling light needs to provide.

An example: An average nursery with enough space to play and relax has about 15 m² area, Multiplied by 140, this gives a required Total brightness of 2,100 lumens. This means that you can for this average sized children’s room z. B. a 3-flame nursery ceiling lamp with 3 bulbs à 700 lumens needed or z. B. a 5-burner lamp with 5 bulbs à 400 lumens.

Which light is especially comfortable for children?

The nursery is the combination of all living spaces in just one room. Think of your living room and your bedroom: which light do you particularly like in these rooms? Probably one comfortable, warm acting light in the living room. And in the bedroom a light, which your clothes in exactly the same way nice colors appear as you bought them in the fashion business.

Since the nursery ceiling light the Basic lighting of the room creates, it is particularly important to pay attention to the light quality of the contained bulbs.

For comfort and beautiful, vibrant colors are responsible for two properties of light: the light color and color reproduction. A warm white light color of 2,700 Kelvin provides a cozy, reddish-looking light, where you can relax wonderfully. A Color rendering of at least Ra 80 ensures that garments, as well as crayon drawings and handicrafts, colorful picture books and brightly colored action figures from the latest superhero movie are played back full and lively.

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